Books with a Native American Theme

Here is a listing of Books with a Native American Theme which we have available. These books are for research, study, perusal at Greenhaven.  Please note that this is not a lending library.





 The American Indians of Abeita:  His People [Special Dedication and Song by JOHNNY CASH, Nashville, Tenn.] (PP)
ABELAR, TAISHA The Sorcerers' Crossing:  A Woman's Journey [Foreword by CARLOS CASTANEDA](PP)
ACHTERBERG, JEANNE Imagery in Healing:  Shamanism and Modern Medicine(PP)
ADAIR, JAMES Out of the Flame:  Cherokee Beliefs & Practices of the Ancients:The Oldest Original Source Information on the Subject [Edited and Reprinted by WILLENA H. ROBINSON] (PP)
A Primer: The Art of Native American Beadwork (PP)
ALBANESE, CATHERINE L Nature Religion in America:  From the Algonkian Indians to the New Age (PP)
AGUILAR, GEORGE W.                       

When the River Ran Wild!  Indian Traditions on the Mid-Columbia and the Warm Springs Reservation (PP)
ALLEN, PAULA GUNN Grandmothers of the Light: A Medicine Woman's Sourcebook (PP)
ANNESLEY, ROBERT H.                    Touch the Fire/Poetry (PP)
ARDEN, HARVEY & WALL, STEVE Dreamkeepers:  A Spirit-Journey into Aboriginal Australia
 Travels in a Stone Canoe:  The Return to the Wisdomkeepers
ASH, STEVEN Sacred Drumming [Foreword by WALLACE BLACK ELK; includes a 60-minute CD] (PP)
ASHE, MARTINE Shamanica (PP)
ATTWELL, JIM                     
Tahmahnaw:  The Bridge of the Gods (PP)
BAHTI, MARK Spirit in the Stone:  A Handbook of Southwest Animal Carvings and Beliefs (PP)
BAKELESS, JOHN [Edited and with an      
Introduction by]
 The Journals of Lewis and Clark (PP)
BARBER, KATERINE Death of Celilo Falls (PP)
BANDELIER, ADOLPH  F.                    

The Delight Makers:  A Novel of Pueblo Life Originally Published in 1890 (PP)
[Photography by FORMAN, WERNER]
 The Indians of the Great Plains
BATES, CRAIG D.                   
[w/Southern Sierra Miwok          
translations by ISABELLE
The Miwok in Yosemite:  Southern Miwok Life, History, and Language in the Yosemite Region (Stapled)
BARTH, GEORG J. Native American Beadwork (PP)
BAYLOR, BYRD                 
[As told by]
Native American Legends of Sacred Mountains (PP) 
BEAR HEART The Wind is My Mother:  The Life and Teachings of a Native American Shaman (PP)

The Sacred:  Ways of Knowledge, Sources of Life (PP)
BENEDICT, RUTH FULTON                    

Tales of the Cochiti Indians (Forgotten Books) (PP)
BIERHORST, JOHN [Edited by]        
[Illustrated by BRIERLEY,
Lightning Inside You and Other Native American Riddles
The Sacred Path:  Spells, Prayers & Power Songs of the American Indians [Edited by]
Peyote Stitch: Beading Projects (PP)
BECK, MARY GIRAUDO Shamans and Kustakas: North Coast Tales of the Su (PP)
Heroes and Heroines: Tlingit-Haida Legend (PP)
Medicine Bundle:  Indian Sacred Performance and American Literature, 1824-1932 [First Edition]
BENNETT, EDNA MAE                                         Turquoise and the Indian
BENNETT, HAL ZINA Zuni Fetishes:  Using Native American Objects For Meditation, Reflection, and Insight (PP)
Big Book of Indian Beadwork Designs (Dover Needlework Series) (PP)
BERG, LAURA [Edited by]     The First Oregonians [Second Edition] (PP)
BERGQUIST, CARLISLEA                    The Coyote Oak:  Burgeoning Wisdom [Novel] (PP)
BERRY, JASON                         The Spirit of Black Hawk:  A Mystery of Africans and Indians
BIERHORST, JOHN A Cry From the Earth:  Music of the North American Indian
The Sacred Pipe:  Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux [Recorded and Edited by JOSEPH EPES BROWN] (PP)
BLACKBURN, THOMAS C. [Edited,     
with an analysis by]; Collected by
December's Child:  A Book of Chumash Oral Narratives (PP)
BLACKWOLF & JONES, GINA Earth Dance Drum:  A Celebration of Life (PP)
BLUE CLOUD, PETER/ARONIAWENRATE Elderberry Flute Song:  Contemporary Coyote Tales (PP)
BROWN, JR., TOM                                                Awakening Spirits (PP)
BOISSIERE, ROBERT                           
Meditations with the Hopi:  A Centering Book (PP)
The Return of Pahana:  A Hopi Myth (PP) 
BOYDEN, LINDA                                Powwow's Coming
BRANSON, OSCAR T. Fetishes and Carvings of the Southwest [Autographed] (PP)
BRIDGEWATER, ALAN & GILL Carving Totem Poles and Masks (PP)
BRIGHT, WILLIAM                              A Coyote Reader (PP)
BROWN, MICHAEL F.                          Who Owns Native Culture?
BROWN, JOSEPH EPES Animals of the Soul:  Sacred Animals of the Oglala Sioux
BROWN, TRICIA GATES [Illustrated by Lackaff, Sally; Original Music on Audio Book by Stroutsos, Gary]
Frederick and the Flute Maker:  A Haystack Rock Story [Autographed]
BROWN, JR., TOM                               
Grandfather:  A Native American's Lifelong Search for Truth and Harmony With Nature (PP)
Tom Brown's Field Guide:  Nature Observation and Tracking (PP)
BROWN, VINSON                              
Voices of Earth and Sky:  The Vision Life of the Native Americans (PP)
BRUCHAC, JOSEPH The Native American Sweat Lodge:  History and Legends (PP)
Our Stories Remember:  American Indian History, Culture, and Values through Storytelling (PP)
Songs from This Earth on Turtle's Back: Contemporary American Indian Poetry (PP)
BRUCHAC [Told by]           
[Foreword by Vine Deloria, Jr.)
Native American Animal Stories (PP)
& LOCKER, THOMAS        
The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet:  Native American Poems of the Land (PP)
[Illustrated by THOMAS LOCKER]
Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back:  A Native American Year of Moons (PP)
BUERGE, DAVID                
[Text compiled by]
Columbia Gorge [Sasquatch Books-Foldout Book]
BRUGGMAN, MAXIMILIEN & GERBER, PETER R Indians of The Northwest Coast
BRUSA, BETTY WAR                          Salinan Indians of California and their Neighbors (PP)
Kokopelli's Gift
BUCKO, RAYMOND A. The Lakota Ritual of the Sweat Lodge:  History and Contemporary Practice (PP)
BUCKLEY, RAY                               
[Written and Illustrated by]
The Give-Away
BUHNER, STEPHEN HARROD Sacred Plant Medicine:  Explorations in the Practice of Indigenous Herbalism [foreword by BROOKE MEDICINE EAGLE] (PP)
BULLARD, ORAL Konapee's Eden:  Historic and Scenic Handbook:  The Columbia River Gorge [Tsagaglalal, 'She Who Watches'] (PP)
BUSHNELL, G. H. S.                            Ancient Arts of the Americas (PP)
BUSS, JUDY EPSTEIN                         
Music of the North American Indians [BA  University of California (Santa Barbara) 1972; M. Mus., Michigan State University, 1974; Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Music in the Graduate College of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1977, Urbana, Illinois]
BUTTREE, JULIA SETON & SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON Rhythm of the Redman:  In Song, Dance and Decoration (PP)
CADUTO, MICHAEL J. & BRUCHAC, JOSEPH Keepers of the Animals:  Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children
Keepers of the Earth:  Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children
Keepers of the Night:  Native American Stories and Noctural Activities for Children (PP)
CAJETE, GREGORY Native Science:  Natural Laws of Interdependence (PP)
Native Science:  Natural Laws of Interdependence [First Edition]
[Foreword by LITTLE BEAR, J. D., LEROY]          
CAMERON, ANNE          How Raven Freed the Moon (PP)
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Historical Atlas of World Mythology  Vol I:  The Way of Animal Powers  Part 1: 
Mythologies of the Primitive Hunters and Gatherers  Part 2: 
Mythologies of the Great Hunt   Vol II: The Way of the Seeded Earth 
Part 1:  The Sacrifice 
Part 2:  Mythologies of the Primitive Planters: The Northern Americas 
Part 3:  Mythologies of the Primitive Planters: The Middle and Southern America
CARTMILL, MATT A View to a Death in the Morning:  Hunting and Nature Through History
CARMODY, DENISE LARDNER & CARMODY, JOHN TULLY Native American Religions:  An Introduction (PP)
CASTANEDA, CARLOS The Teachings of Don Juan:  A Yaqui Way of Knowledge (PP)
A Separate Reality (PP)
Journey to Ixtlan (PP)
Tales of Power (PP)
The Second Ring of Power (PP)
The Eagle's Gift (PP) 
The Fire From Within  The Power of Silence  The Art of Dreaming [First Edition]
Magical Passes: The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico (Tensegrides) [First Edition]
 The Wheel of Time:  The Shamans of Ancient Mexico, Their Thoughts about Life, Death and the Universe  The Active Side of Infinity [First Edition]
Raven's Call and More Northwest Coast Stories (PP)
Orca's Family and More Northwest Coast Stories (PP)
Nature's Circle and Other Northwest Coast Children's Stories (PP)
 Grizzly's Home and Other Northwest Coast Children's Stories (PP)
Eagle's Reflection and Other Northwest Coast Stories (PP)
CLAREMON, NEIL Calendar of the Animal Messengers‑Teachings from the Desert
CLARK, ELLA E.                  
 Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest [50th Anniversary Edition] (PP)
CLOTTES, JEAN & LEWIS-WILLIAMS, DAVID The Shamans of Prehistory:  Trance and Magic in the Painted Caves [autographed by JEAN CLOTTES]
CLUTESI, GEORGE                               

Son of Raven, Son of Deer:  Fables of the Tse-Shaht People [First Edition]
COHEN, KENNETH                               
Honoring the Medicine:  The Essential Guide to Native American Healing [First Edition]
COHLENE, TERRI              
[Written and Adapted by]
 Little Firefly:  An Algonquian Legend (PP)
COLTON, HAROLD S.                            Hopi Kachina Dolls, with a Key to their Identification (PP)
Anthology of Traditional Tobacco Stories (Stapled)

American Indian Fairy Tales (Forgotten Books) (PP)
KOOTENAI TRIBES                           
Beaver Steals Fire:  A Salish Coyote Story [Illustrated by SAM SANDOVAL]
CONLEY, ROBERT J The Witch of Goingsnake and other Stories (PP)
CONLON, PAULA                                
The Flute and the Canadian Amerindian:  An Analysis of the Vertical Whistle FluteWith External Block and Its Music [A Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate studies and Research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts, Institute of Canadian Studies; Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, April, 1983]
COOK, ANGELIQUE S. & HAWK, G. A Shamanism and the Esoteric Tradition (PP)
COOK, PAT MOFFITT Shaman, Jhankri & Nele:  Music Healers of Indigenous Cultures (Book + CD/Boxed Set)
COWAN, ELIOT Plant Spirit Medicine [First Edition] (PP)
COWAN, JAMES Letters from a Wild State:  An Aboriginal Perspective (PP)
COWAN, TOM Fire in the Head:  Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit [First Edition] (PP)
Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life (PP)
CHAPMAN, ABRAHAM [Edited, with an Introduction and Notes, by]       
Literature of the American Indians:  Views and Interpretations (PP)
CRAVEN, MARGARET I Heard the Owl Call My Name (PP)
CRESSMAN, LUTHER S.                     

The Sandal and the Cave:  The Indians of Oregon (PP)
CRONYN, GEORGE W.                       
[Edited by]
Native American Poetry (PP)
Crow Dog:  Four Generations of Sioux Medicine Men [First Edition]
CROW DOG, MARY Lakota Woman (PP)
CROWLEY, VIVIANNE Ancient Wisdom:  Earth Traditions in the Twenty-First Century [w/CROWLEY, CHRISTOPHER]
CROZIER-HOGLE, LOIS & WILSON, DARRYL BABE Surviving in Two Worlds:  Contemporary Native American Voices (PP)
CRUMMETT, MICHAEL                           
Sun Dance:  The 50th Anniversary Crow Indian Sun Dance [Foreword by HEYWOOD BIG DAY] (PP)
CURTIN, JEREMIAH                                Native American Creation Myths (PP)
Seneca Indian Myths [Forgotten Books] (PP)
CURTIS, EDWARD S.                          Indian Days of the Long Ago (PP)
CURTIS, NATALIE [Recorded and Edited by] The Indians' Book:  Songs and Legends of the American Indians (PP)
DE BOER, JOHN                    
(aka SPIRIT OF THUNDER)        
The Storyteller's Flute:  A Trilogy (companion book to "Flute Songs for a Blue Moon," "In the Spirit" and "Shadowland:  Flute Songs" CDs)(PP)
DE CESARE, Ph.D., RUTH [Collected, Edited & Adapted by] Myth, Music and Dance of the American Indian:  An activity oriented sourcebook of American Indian Tradition, based upon the music and culture of 21 Tribes [Teacher's Resource Book & Cassette Tape] (PP/Stapled)
DE KORNE, JIM Psychedelic Shamanism:  The Cultivation, Preparation and Shamanic Use of Psychotropic Plants (PP)
Beading in the Native American Tradition (PP)
DEER, ALVIN [Editor]                           

Singing the Sacred:  Musical Gifts from Native American Communities [w/CD](Spiral)
DELORIA, JR., VINE God is Red:  A Native View of Religion (PP)  Singing for a Spirit:  A Portrait of the Dakota Sioux [First Edition]
DENSMORE, FRANCES Teton Sioux Music & Culture (PP)Papago Music [Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 90] (PP) Menominee Music [Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 102] (PP)
Yuman and Yaqui Music [Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 110] (PP)
Chippewa Customs [Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 86] (PP)
Choctaw Music [De Capo Press Music Reprint Series]
Cheyenne and Arapaho Music [Southwest Museum Papers Number 10]
Northern Ute Music [Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 75] (PP)
Seminole Music [Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 161] (PP)
Chippewa Music I [Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 45] (PP)
Chippewa Music II [Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 53] (PP)
Mandan and Hidatsa Music [Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 80] (PP) Pawnee Music [Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 93]
Dakota and Ojibwe People in Minnesota [Minnesota Historical Society] (Stapled)

DEVEREUX, PAUL Shamanism and the Mystery Lines:  "Ley Lines", Spirit Paths and Out-of-Body Travel (PP)
Rattlesnake Dance:  True Tales, Mysteries, and Rattlesnake Ceremonies (PP)
DIAMOND, BEVERLY & CRONK, M. SAM & VON ROSEN, FRANZISKA Visions of Sound:  Musical Instruments of First Nations Communities in Northeastern America (PP)
Foods of the Americas:  Native Recipes and Traditions
DIXON-KENNEDY, MIKE Native American Myth & Legend
DIXON, ROLAND BURRAGE                 

Maidu Myths [1875-1934] Huntington California Expedition (PP)
DOBIE, J. FRANK       The Voice of the Coyote (PP)
Winter Brothers:  A Season at the Edge of America
[re James Gilchrist Swan's diaries of the Pacific Northwest, circa 1850] (PP)
DOLFYN & ZU Bough Down:  Praying With Tree Spirits (Stapled)
Praying With Fire:  Communicating With Fire Spirits (Stapled)
Shamanism:  A Beginner's Guide (Stapled)
Shamanism:  Volume II:  Working With Moon Medicine (Stapled)
Shamanism:  Volume III:  Animal Medicine Powers (Stapled)
Shamanism & Nature Spirituality:  The Sacred Circle (Stapled)
Shamanic Wisdom Vol. 1:  Nature Spirituality, Sacred Power and Earth Ecstasy (PP)
Shamanic Wisdom Vol. 2:  The Way of the Animal Spirits [w/SWIMMING WOLF] [First Edition] (PP)
The Mishongnovi Ceremonies of the Snake and Antelope Fraternities [Field Columbian Museum Publication 66, Anthropological Series Vol. III, No. 3, by  GEORGE A. DORSEY, Curator, Department of Anthropology, and H. R. VOTH; the Stanley McCormic Hopi Expedition, June 1902]
DRAKE, MICHAEL The Shamanic Drum:  A Guide to Sacred Drumming (PP)
DRINNON, RICHARD                            White Savage:  The Case of John Dunn Hunter
DRURY, ED  Learn to Play the Didjeridu (1994) (Stapled)
DRURY, NEVILL Vision Quest:  A Personal Journey Through Magic and Shamanism
The Shaman and the Magician:  Journeys Between the Worlds (PP)
The Elements of Shamanism (PP)
Music for Inner Space:  Techniques for Meditation & Visualisation (PP)
DURHAM, MICHAEL S. Guide to Ancient Native American Sites (PP)
EASON, CASSANDRA The Handbook of Ancient Wisdom:  3000 years of magic and folklore from Ancient Egypt to Native America and Tribal Australia (PP)
EDMO, ED These Few Words of Mine [Autographed] (Stapled) (PP)
EDMONDS, MARGOT & CLARK, ELLA E. Voices of the Winds:  Native American Legends
ELDER, JOHN & WONG, HERTHA D. [Edited by] Family of Earth & Sky:  Indigenous Tales of Nature from Around the World (PP)
ELIADE, MIRCEA Shamanism:  Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy (PP)
ELIOT, ALEXANDER The Universal Myths (w/contributions by JOSEPH CAMPBELL and MIRCEA ELIADE) (PP) 
The Global Myths:  Exploring Primitive, Pagan, Sacred, and Scientific Mythologies (PP)
ELKIN, A. P. Aboriginal Men of High Degree:  Initiation and Sorcery in the World's Oldest Tradition (PP)
North American Indian Music (PP)
The Journey of the Tunuriand the Blue Deer: A Huichol Indian Story [First Edition]
ENDREZZE, ANITA               
At the Helm of Twilight [Autographed] (PP)
throwing fire at the Sun, water at the Moon [Sun Tracks, V. 40] (PP)
The Humming of Stars and Bees and Waves: Poems and Short Stories  (PP)
ERDOES, RICHARD Crying for a Dream:  The World Through Native American Eyes (PP) 
American Indian Myths and Legends [Selected and Edited by RICHARD ERDOES and ALFONSO ORTIZ] (PP)
The Sound of Flutes and Other Indian Legends told by Lame Deer, Jenny Leading Cloud, Leonard Crow Dog, and Others [Transcribed and edited by ERDOES, RICHARD; with pictures by GOBLE, PAUL]
ERDOES, RICHARD &         
[Selected and Edited by]
American Indian Trickster Tales              
Clearing:  A Guide to Liberating Energies Trapped in Buildings and Lands (PP)
Healing Plants and Animals from a Distance:  Curative Principles and Applications (PP)
Finding Sanctuary in Nature:  Simple Ceremonies in the Native American Tradition for Healing Yourself and Others (PP)
FEDER, NORMAN                    American Indian Art [Abradale/Abrams]
FEHER-ELSTON, CATHERINE Ravensong:  A Natural and Fabulous History of Ravens and Crows [First Edition] (PP)
FELDMAN, SUSAN             
[Edited and with an               
Introduction by]
The Storytelling Stone:  Traditional Native American Myths and Tales (PP)
FEWKES, JESSE WALTER                 
Hopi Katcinas
Eskimo Essays:  Yup'ik Lives and How We See Them (PP)
FINKELSTEIN, DR. HAROLD Zuni Fetish Carvings (stapled)
FITZGERALD, JUDITH &                     
[Edited by]
The Spirit of Indian Woman [Introduction by JANINE PEASE](PP)
Inua:  Spirit World of the Bering Sea Eskimo [w/contributions by COLLINS, HENRY B. & AGER, THOMAS & RAY, DOROTHY JEAN & FREDERICK, SARADELL ARD] [Published for the National Museum of Natural History by the Smithsonian Institution Press, WA, D.C., 1982] (PP)
FITZHARRIS, TIM Soaring With Ravens:  Visions of the Native American Landscape [Spiritual Journeys in Nature Series] (PP)
FLATISCHLER, REINHARD The Forgotten Power of Rhythm (PP+CD)
FLEET, CAMERON                            Native Wisdom:  The Sacred in Everyday Life (PP)
FLETCHER, ALICE C. Indian Games & Dances With Native Songs [Arranged from Native American Indian Ceremonials and Sports] (PP)
A Study of Omaha Indian Music
FLINTOFF, BRIAN    Taonga Puoro:  Singing Treasures:  The Musical Instruments of the Maori (PP)
FOSTER, STEVEN & LITTLE, MEREDITH The Roaring of the Sacred River:  The Wilderness Quest for Vision and Self-Healing (PP)
FOSTER, STEVEN The Book of the Vision Quest:  Personal Transformation in the Wilderness [A Sun Bear Book; w/LITTLE, MEREDITH] (PP)
FOUR WORLDS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT The Sacred Tree:  Reflections on Native American Spirituality (PP)
FREESOUL, JOHN REDTAIL Breath of the Invisible:  The Way of the Pipe (PP)
FRIEDMAN, ROBERT LAWRENCE The Healing Power of the Drum:  A Psychotherapist Explores The Healing Power of Rhythm (PP)
My Heart Soars (PP)
My Spirit Soars (PP)
GEORGE-KANENTIIO, DOUG Iroquois Culture & Commentary (PP)
GIDDINGS, RUTH WARNER                Yaqui Myths and Legends (PP)
GIGLIO, VIRGINIA Southern Cheyenne Women's Songs [w/Tape]
GILL, SAM D. & SULLIVAN, IRENE F. Dictionary of Native American Mythology [Oxford Paperback Reference] (PP)
GLOSECKI, STEPHEN O. Shamanism and Old English Poetry (Garland)
Reference Library of the Humanities, Vol. 905;
The Albert Bates Lord Studies in Oral Tradition, Vol. 2) [First Edition]
GLOSS, MOLLY                                       
The Jump-Off Creek [Novel re the Blue Mountains of  Oregon in the 1890's] (PP)
Yosemite Indians [Revisions by JAMES SNYDER and CRAIG BATES with the cooperation of THE AMERICAN INDIAN COUNCIL OF MARIPOSA COUNTY] (Stapled)
[English Version by Popol Vuh]:  The Sacred Book of the Ancient Quiche Maya [from the translation of RECINOS, ADRIAN]
GOODCHILD, PETER [Selected and edited by] Raven Tales:  Traditional Stories of Native Peoples (PP)
GOODHUE, HORACE                      
Indian Bead-Weaving Patterns:  Chain-Weaving Designs and Bead Loom Weaving-An Illustrated "How-To" Guide (PP)
 Rock Drawings of the Coso Range (PP)
GRAY, CHARLOTTE             
Flint and Feather:  The Life and Times of E. Pauline Johnson,Tekahionwake (PP)
GREENE, ELLIN                  Storytelling:  Art & Technique [3rd Edition]
GRIFFIN, JUDGE ARTHUR [Compiled by] & GRIFFIN, TRENHOLME J. [Edited by] Ah Mo:  Indian Legends from the Northwest (PP)
More Ah Mo:  Indian Legends from the Northwest (PP)
GUIDRY, JEFF                     
An Eagle named Freedom:  My True Story of a Remarkable Friendship [First Edition]
GULBRANDSEN, DON    Edward S. Curtis:  Visions of the First Americans
GWYNNE, S. C.                   
Empire of the Summer Moon:  Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History (PP)
HABERLING, WILFGANG          The Art of North America
Navajo Coyote Tales:  The Curly To Aheedliinii Version [Volume Eight:  American Tribal Religions; KARL W. LUCKERT, General Editor] (PP)
Love-Magic and Butterfly People:  The Slim Curley Version of  the Ajilee and Mothway Myths [Volume Two:  American Tribal Religions; KARL W. LUCKERT, General Editor] (PP) 
Waterway [Volume Five:  American Tribal Religions; KARL W.  LUCKERT, General Editor] (PP)
Head and Face Masks in Navaho Ceremonialism [Foreword by FARIS, JAMES] (PP)
HALIFAX, Ph.D., JOAN Shaman: The Wounded Healer [Art in Imagination] (PP)
Shamanic Voices:  A Survey of Visionary Narratives (PP) 
The Fruitful Darkness:  Reconnecting with the Body of the Earth [First Edition]
HALL, BARRY                                   
From Mud to Music:  Making and Enjoying Ceramic Musical Instruments
HALL, JR., EDWIN S. & BLACKMAN, MARGARET B. & RICKARD, VINCENT Northwest Coast Indian Graphics:  An Intrtoduction to Silk Screen Prints
HALL, ROBERT L. An Archaeology of the Soul:  North American Indian Belief and Ritual (PP)
HAMMERSCHLAG, M.D., CARL A The Dancing Healers:  A Doctor's Journey of Healing With Native Americans (PP)
Theft of the Spirit:  A Journey to Spiritual Healing (PP)
HARNER, MICHAEL The Way of the Shaman:  A Guide to Power and Healing (PP)
Hallucinogens and Shamanism (PP)
HARRINGTON, JOHN P. [Collected by] Indian Tales from Picuris Pueblo (PP)
HARRIS, RICK  Easy Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Southwest (Stapled)
HARRISON, PHILIP L. [Edited by] Seasons of the Coyote [First Edition] (PP)
HARROD, HOWARD L. The Animals Came Dancing:  Native American Sacred Ecology and Animal Kinship (PP)
HART, MICKEY & LIEBERMAN, FREDRIC Spirit into Sound:  The Magic of Music (PP)
 Planet Drum:  A Celebration of Percussion and Rhythm (PP) 
Drumming At the Edge of Magic:  A Journey Into the Spirit of Percussion (PP)
HAUSMAN, GERALD Meditations With Animals:  A Native American Bestiary (PP) 
Tunkashila:  A Mythological Saga of Native America,
Turtle Island Alphabet:  A Lexicon of Native American Symbols and Culture [First Edition; foreword by N. SCOTT MOMADAY]"
The Coyote Bead [Novel] (PP)
HAWKINS, HOLLY BLUE The Heart of the Circle:  A Guide to Drumming [Foreword by BROOKE MEDICINE EAGLE] (PP)
HAYES, JOE [Retold by]                                        
 A Heart Full of Turquoise:  Pueblo Indian Tales retold by Joe Hayes (PP)
Coyote & Native American Folk Tales
HEINRICH, BERND Ravens in Winter (PP)
Mind of the Raven (PP)
HEINBUCH, JEAN                            
A Quillwork Companion:  An Illustrated Guide to Techniques of Porcupine Quill Decoration (PP)
A Beadwork Companion (PP)
Prehistoric Rock Art of Nevada and Eastern California (PP)
HENDRICKS PH.D., GAY Conscious Breathing
HENDRICKS, STEVE                         
The Unquiet Grave:  The FBI and the Struggle for the Soul of Indian Country (PP) 
HESKI, THOMAS M. [Photography        
by BARRY, D. F.]                                 
"Icastinyankacikala Hanzi:"  The Little Shadow Catcher [First Edition]
HIFLER, JOYCE SEQUICHIE A Cherokee Feast of Days Volume I (PP)
A Cherokee Feast of Days Volume II (PP)
HILL, JR., NORBERT S. (Oneida) Words of Power:  Voices from Indian America (PP)
HILL, STEPHEN W. Kokopelli Ceremonies (PP)
HINTON, LEANNE        Flutes of Fire:  Essays on California Indian Languages [First Edition] (PP)
HIRSCHFELDER, ARLENE & MOLIN, PAULETTE The Encyclopedia of Native American Religions:  A Comprehensive Guide to the Spiritual Traditions and Practices of North American Indians
HOBBS, WILL Kokopelli's Flute [Novel] (PP)
HOLM, BILL                               Northwest Coast Indian Art:  An Analysis of Form (PP)
HOLMES, WILLA She Who Watches [First Edition; Tsagaglalal] (PP)
[Transcribed in Nakai Flute   
Tablature by]
Song of the White Buffalo Woman, and other Traditional Songs for Native American Flute
HULL, ARTHUR Drum Circle Spirit:  Facilitating Human Potential Through Rhythm [w/CD] (PP)
HULL, MICHAEL Sun Dancing:  A Spiritual Journey on the Red Road (PP)
HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLPH                   
The Good Medicine Book [Blackfoot] 
The Ways of My Grandmothers [Blood People of the
Blackfoot Nation] [First Edition] (PP)
HUNN, EUGENE S. Nch'i-Wana: "The Big River": Mid-Columbia Indians and their Land [w/SELAM, JAMES & FAMILY]

The Complete How-to Book of Indiancraft (PP)
American Indian Beadwork (PP)
HURST, HAWK  [Written & Shared by]
[Illustrated by SHARP, LINDLEY]
The Story of the First Flute:  Based on an Ancient Cherokee Legend (Stapled)
HUSTED, BETTE LYNCH                       

Above the Clearwater:  Living on Stolen Land (PP)
HUTCHENS, ALMA R A Handbook of Native American Herbs (PP)
 Indian Herbalogy of North America (PP)
INGERMAN, SANDRA Shamanic Journeying [w/CD]
Soul Retrieval:  Mending the Fragmented Self [Foreword by HARNER, MICHAEL] (PP) 
Welcome Home:  Following Your Soul's Journey Home [First Edition] (PP)
INGRID WENDT & ST. JOHN, PRIMUS [Edited by]     From Here We Speak:  An Anthology of Oregon Poetry(PP)
IVES, RICH [Edited by]         
Rain in the Forest, Light in the Trees:  Contemporary Poetry from the Northwest (PP)
[Illustrated by HAYS, MICHAEL]
The Boy Who Loved Morning
JACOBSON, JAKE [Photography by]
Heart & Hands:  Musical Instrument Makers of America [Foreword by Billy Taylor; Research & Collaboration by Trisja Malisoff] [Hawk Littlejohn]
JAMAL, MICHELE Shape Shifters:  Shaman Women in Contemporary Society (PP) 
Deerdancer:  The Shapeshifter Archetype in Story and in Trance (PP)
JANOFF, CRIS                                     

Songs from the Golden Flute:  A Book of Poems and Lyrics (PP)
JOHANNES, JOAN                                

The Mending of the Moonglow (and Other Myths of Loon and Loonman) (Stapled)
JONES, HETTIE [Adapted by]                       
Illustrated by MOFSIE, LOUIS
Coyote Tales
JONES, MARY JANE                           

Revival and community:  The History and Practices of a Native American Flute Circle [A Thesis submitted to the College of the Arts of Kent State University
in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Arts, August, 2010]
JOYCE, Ph.D., KATHLEEN [aka DR. KATHLEEN JOYCE-GRENDAHL] Dissertation:  "The Native American Flute in the Southwestern United States:  Past and Present" [UMI]
[Selected by]      
[Introduction by MILLER, JAY]
Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest (PP)
KALWEIT, HOLGER Dreamtime & Inner Space:  The World of the Shaman [Foreword by ELISABETH KUBLER-ROSS] (PP)
KANE, SEAN Wisdom of the Mythtellers [Dream-mapping:  Native Australian, Native American, Celtic, and Greek] (PP)
KARSON, JENNIFER                           

Wiyaxayxt/Wiyaakaaawn/As Days Go By:  Our History, Our Land, Our People the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla (PP)
[Selected & Arranged by]
North American Indian Motifs (PP)
KAVASCH, E. BARRIE & BAAR, KAREN The Medicine Wheel Garden:  Creating Sacred Space for Healing, Celebration, and Tranquility (PP) 
American Indian Healing Arts:  Herbs, Rituals, and Remedies for Every Season of Life (PP)
KELLY, FANNY                                    My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians (PP)
KENNY, MAURICE Wounds Beneath the Flesh:  Fifteen Native American Poets (PP)
KEOKE, EMORY DEAN & PORTERFIELD, KAY MARIE American Indian Contributions to the World:  15,000 Years of Inventions and Innovations (PP)
KEYSER, JAMES D. Indian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateau [autographed] (PP)
Indian Petroglyphs of the Columbia Gorge:  The Jeanne Hillis Rubbings by James D. Keyser (Stapled)
KILPATRICK, ALAN The Night Has a Naked Soul:  Witchcraft and Sorcery Among the Western Cherokee (PP)
KITCHELL, WEBSTER                       
God's Dog:  Conversations with Coyote (PP)
Coyote Says:  More Conversations With God's Dog (PP)
 Get a God!  More Conversations With Coyote (PP)
KLAH, HASTEEN M.                              

Navajo Creation Myth:  The Story of the Emergence (Forgotten Books) (PP)
KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE      Navaho Witchcraft (PP)
KNAB, Timothy J. A War of Witches:  A Journey Into the Underworld of the Contemporary Aztecs (PP)
KROEBER, THEODORA                       
The Inland Whale:  Nine Stories Retold from California Indian Legends (PP)
KRIPPNER, Ph.D., STANLEY & WELCH, PATRICK Spiritual Dimensions of Healing:  From Native Shamanism to Contemporary Health Care
LACAPA, MICHAEL [Retold and Illustrated by] The Flute Player:  An Apache Folktale [Children's Folklore] (PP)
LACEY, LAURIE Black Spirit:  The Way of the Crow (PP)
LAKE-THOM, BOBBY Spirits of the Earth:  A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies (PP)
LAMB, F. BRUCE Wizard of the Upper Amazon:  The Story of Manuel Cordova-Rios (PP)
LAME DEER, JOHN (FIRE) Lame Deer Seeker of Visions (PP)
LANG, JULIAN [Edited and                    
Translated by]                                       
Ararapikva:  Creation Stories of the People:  Traditional Karuk Indian Literature From Northwestern California [First Edition] (PP)
CRAIG D. & MEDLEY,             
STEVEN P. [Compiled by]
 Legends of the Yosemite Miwok [Illustrations by HARRY FONSECA] (PP)
LAUBIN, REGINALD & LAUBIN, GLADYS        Indian Dances of North America:  Their Importance to Indian Life
LAUGHING WILLOW, JANNEKE     The Talking Stick (Stapled)
LAWLOR, ROBERT Voices of the First Day:  Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime (PP)
LAYMAN, WILLIAM D.                        River of Memory:  The Everlasting Columbia (PP)
LELAND, CHARLES G.          Algonquin Legends (PP)
LERNER, ANDREA                                

Dancing on the Rim of the World:  An Anthology of Contemporary Northwest Native American Writing (Sun Tracks) (PP)
LESLEY, CRAIG                                       
Storm Riders [Novel] [Autographed] [First Edition] The Sky Fisherman [Novel] [Autographed]
LEVITT, PAUL M. & GURALNICK, ELISSA S How Raven Found the Daylight & Other American Indian Stories
LEWIS, I. M. Ecstatic Religion:  A Study of Shamanism and Spirit Possession [Second Edition] (PP)
LINCOLN, KENNETH            
Sing with the Heart of a Bear:  Fusions of Native and American Poetry, 1890-1999 (PP)
LINDSEY, BETINA Sacred Earth Silent Angel: The Healing Energies of Zion Canyon: A Pilgrim's Handbook & Journal (PP)
Greengrass Pipe Dancers [Autographed] (PP)
LOMATEWAMA, RAMSON     Silent Winds:  Poetry of One Hopi [First Edition] (PP)
LONDON, JONATHAN [retold by]       
Fire Race:  A Karuk Coyote Tale [Illustrated by SYLVIA LONG](PP)
LOPEZ, BARRY HOLSTUN               
Giving Birth to Thunder, Sleeping With His Daughter:  Coyote Builds North America
Crow and Weasel [Illustrations by TOM POHRT]
LOWIE, ROBERT H.                               
The Crow Indians [Second Edition] (PP)

Pueblo Indian Folk-Stories (Forgotten Books) (PP)
LYMAN, CHRISTOPHER M.;  Introduction by DELORIA, JR., VINE; in association with THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION PRESS [Photographs of Indians by CURTIS, EDWARD S.]
The Vanishing Race, and Other Illusions
LYON, WILLIAM S. Encyclopedia of Native American Healing (PP)
MARY JANE [Editors]
Listening to Our Ancestors:  The Art of Native Life Along the Pacific Northwest Coast [Smithsonian American Indian] (PP)
MADDEN, KRISTIN Shamanic Guide to Death and Dying [First Edition] (PP)
MADDEN, KRISTINA                                             
The Book of Shamanic Healing [First Edition] (PP)
Magick, Mystery & Medicine:  Advanced Shamanic Healing [First Edition] (PP)
MAILS, THOMAS E. Fools Crow:  Wisdom and Power [in dialogue with the great Sioux Holy Man, FOOLS CROW] (PP)
Sundancing:  The Great Sioux Piercing Ritual (PP) 
The Mystic Warriors of the Plains:  The Culture, Arts, Crafts and Relgion of the Plains Indians (PP)
  The Hopi Survival Kit:  The Prophecies, Instructions, and Warnings Revealed by the Last Elders (PP) 
Secret Native American Pathways:  A  Guide to Inner Peace (PP)
MALLERY, GARRICK                           
Picture-Writing of the American Indian:  Volume One (PP)
Picture-Writing of the American Indian:  Volume Two (PP)
Hopi Stories of Witchcraft, Shamanism, and Magic
MALOTKI, EKKEHART Kokopelli:  The Making of an Icon
MALOTKI, EKKEHART &                   
Hopi Coyote Tales:  Istutuwutsi [Volume Nine:  American Tribal Religions; KAR W. LUCKERT, General Editor] (PP)
MANDER, JERRY                 
In the Absence of the Sacred:  The Failure of Technology & the Survival of the Indian Nations (PP)
Return of the Warriors:The Toltec Teachings -Volume One
Cry of the Eagle: The Toltec Teachings - Volume Two
MARGOLIN, MALCOLM The Ohlone Way:  Indian life in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay Area (PP)
American Indian Mythology (PP)
MASON, BERNARD S. How to Make Drums, Tomtoms & Rattles:  Primitive Percussion Instruments for Modern Use (PP)
MASSON, MARCELLE                          
A Bag of Bones:  Legends of the Wintu Indians of Northern California (PP)

The Mountain Chant:  A Navajo Ceremony (Forgotten Books) (PP)
MATTHIESSEN, PETER                       In the Spirit of Crazy Horse (PP)
MAX, JILL [Edited by]            Spider Spins a Story:  Fourteen Legends from Native America
MAY, ROBIN                                        Indians
MAYBURY-LEWIS, DAVID Millennium:  Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World
MAYES, VERNON O. & LACY, BARBARA BAYLESS Nanise':  A Navajo Herbal:  One Hundred Plants from the Navajo Reservation (PP)
McCAMPBELL, HARVEST Sacred Smoke:  Smudging:  An Ancient Art For Modern Times (Stapled)
Yellowbird Returns:  150th Anniversary Commemoration of Signing the 1855 Treaty on June 9, 1855, Treaty Council, Walla Walla, Washington Territory, with the unveiling of a bronze statue of Peo-Peo-Mox-Mox (Yellow Bird), Chief of the Walla Walla Tribe, in Walla Walla, Washington [being a documentation of the construction and placing of the Bronze Statue of Chief Peo-Peo-Mox-Mox (Yellow Bird) conceived and sculpted by Renowned Local Artist Roger McGee] (Spiral)
McDERMOTT, GERALD Raven:  A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest
McFADDEN, STEVEN Profiles in Wisdom:  Native Elders Speak About the Earth [Dhyani Ywahoo of the Etowah Cherokee; Huichol Shaman don Jose Matsuwa, Dona Josefa Medrano; Mayan Daykeeper Hunbatz Men; Dr. Eunice Baumann-Nelson, a Penobscot Indian; Grandmother Twylah Nitsch; Sun Bear; etc.] (PP)
McFARLAND, RON              
Deep Down Things:  Poems of the Inland Pacific Northwest (PP)
McGAA, ED (aka EAGLE MAN) Nature's Way:  Native Wisdom for Living in Balance with the Earth [First Edition] 
Mother Earth Spirituality:  Native American Paths to Healing Ourselves and Our World (PP)
Come to Our Salmon Feast
Linda's Indian Home
McMANIS, KENT                                    A Guide to Hopi Katsina Dolls [First Edition] (PP)
McNALLY, MICHAEL Ojibwe Singers:  Hymns, Grief, and a Native Culture in Motion (Religion in America)
MEANS, RUSSELL                                               
Where White Men Fear to Tread:  The Autobiography of Russell Means
MEADE, EDWARD                            Indian Rock Carvings of the Pacific Northwest (PP)
MEADOWS, KENNETH The Little Library of Earth Medicine:  Crow:  22 Sept. - 22 Oct. 
Earth Medicine:  A Shamanic Way to Self Discovery (PP) 
The Medicine Way:  A Shamanic Path to Self Mastery (PP)
Where Eagles Fly:  A Shamanic Way to Inner Wisdom (PP)
MEDICINE EAGLE, BROOKE Buffalo Woman Comes Singing (PP)
Coyote Wisdom:  The Power of Story in Healing (PP)
Coyote Medicine:  Lessons From Native American Healing (PP)
Narrative Medicine:  The Use of History and Story in the Healing Process (PP)
MERA, H. P. [Drawings by LEA, TOM]
Pueblo Designs:  176 Illustrations of The "Rain Bird" (PP)
OF EDUCATION                                  
Indian Folklore [Adopted from:  Semi Valley Unified School District] (Spiral)
MERRIAM, CLINTON HART                     

The Dawn of the World:  Myths and Weird Tales Told by the Mewan [Miwok] Indians of California (Forgotten Books) (PP)
MEYERS, EDWARD C. Children of the Thunderbird:  Legends and Myths from the West Coast (PP)
MILLER, MARY & TAUBE, KARL The Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya:  An Illustrated Dictionary of Mesoamerican Religion
MIRABAL, ROBERT Skeleton of a Bridge (PP)
Running Alone in Photographs: A Novel (PP)
Navajo Blessingway Singer: The Autobiography of Frank Mitchell 1881-1967 [Edited by FRISBIE, CHARLOTTE J. and McALLESTER, DAVID P.] (PP)
A Yaqui Life:  The Personal Chronicle of a Yaqui Indian (PP)
In the Presence of the Sun:  Stories and Poems, 1961-1991 [First Edition; w/illustrations by the author
In the Bear's House [First Edition],
The Man Made of Words [First Edition; Illustrated by the author] 
The Names:  A Memoir The Ancient Child:  A Novel [First Edition]
House Made of Dawn
The Way to Rainy Mountain:  A Kiowa Indian Migration from Western Montana to the Southern Plains [First Edition]
The Way to Rainy Mountain:  A Kiowa Indian Migration from Western Montana to the Southern Plains (PP)
MONIOT, JANET Clay Whistles. . . The Voice of Clay (Spiral)
MONROE, JEAN GUARD & WILLIAMSON, RAY A. They Dance in the Sky: Native American Star Myths
MOON, GRACE PURDIE                      

Indian Legends in Rhyme [Illustrations by KARL MOON] (PP)
MOONDANCE, WOLF Spirit Medicine:  Native American Teachings to Awaken the Spirit (PP) 
Star Medicine:  Native American Path to Emotional Healing (PP)
MOONEY,  JAMES The Ghost Dance
MOORE, MARIJO                              
Confessions of a Madwoman [Autographed] (PP)
Crow Quotes [Autographed] (Stapled)
Desert Quotes [Autographed] (Stapled)
Stars Are Birds And Other Writings [Autographed] [Art by GINA CANTER] (Stapled)
Spirit Voices of Bones:  Poetry (PP)
Returning to the Homeland:  Cherokee Poetry and Short Stories [Foreword by JOHN EHLE] (PP)
The Diamond Doorknob [Novel] [Autographed] (PP)
When the Dead Dream:  The Sequel to the Diamond Doorknob (PP)
Cherokee Little People:  A Native American Tale (PP)
Genocide of the Mind:  New Native American Writing (PP)
Feeding the Ancient Fires:  A Collection of Writings by North Carolina American Indians (PP)
Redwoman with Backward Eyes and Other Stories (PP)
Eating Fire, Tasting Blood:  An Anthology of the Amercan Indian Holocaust (PP)
Birthed From Scorched Hearts:  Woman Respond toWar (PP)
The Cherokee Little People:  A Native American Tale (Stapled)
Genocide of the Mind:  New Native American Writing [Foreword by VINE DELORIA, JR.] (PP)
Birthed from Scorched Hearts:  Women Respond to War [First Edition] (PP)
MORGAN, WILLIAM [Collected by]      Navajo Coyote Tales (PP)
MOSS, NAN & CORBIN, DAVID    Weather Shamanism:  Harmonizing Our Connection With the Elements (PP)
MOSS, ROBERT Dreamways of the Iroquois: Honoring the Secret Wishes of the Soul
MOURNING DOVE (Humishuma) Coyote Stories [Edited by HEISTER DEAN GUIE with notes by L. V. McWHORTER (OLD WOLF)] (PP)
Bottle Beading (Stapled)
Peyote Hunt: The Sacred Journey of the Huichol Indians (PP)
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY     The World of the American Indian
Native American Dance:  Ceremonies and Social Traditions (PP)
NAKAI, R. CARLOS & DEMARS, JAMES The Art of the Native American Flute [First Edition] (PP)
NELSON, RICHARD K. Make Prayers to the Raven:  A Koyukon View of the Northern Forest (PP)
NEQUATEWA, EDMUND                     

Truth of a Hopi:  Stories Relating to the Origin, Myths and Clan Histories of the Hopi [Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff]
NERBURN, KENT Neither Wolf Nor Dog:  On Forgotten Roads With an Indian Elder (PP) 
A Haunting Reverence:  Meditations on a Northern Land (PP) 
Native American Wisdom [Edited by KENT NERBURN & LOUISE -MENGELKOCH] 
The Wisdom of the Native Americans:  Including The Soul of an Indian and Other Writings of Ohiyesa and the Great Speeches of Chief Red Jacket, Chief Joseph, and Chief Seattle [Edited by]
Chief Joseph & the Flight of the Nez Perce [First Edition]
Hosteen Klah:  Navaho Medicine Man and Sand Painter (PP)
NEWMAN, SHIRLEE P.                        The Inuits (PP)
NIATUM, DUANE [Edited by]                
Harper's Anthology of 20th Century Native American Poetry [First Edition]
Carriers of the Dream Wheel:  Contemporary Native American Poetry (PP)
[Retold and Illustrated by]
 Coyote Steals Fire:  A Shoshone Tale       
O'BRYAN, AILEEN WARNER                 

The Dine:  Origin Myths of the Navaho Indians (Forgotten Books) (PP)
OPLER, MORRIS EDWARD                    

Myths and Tales of the Chiricahua Apache Indians (Sources of American Indian Oral Literature) (PP)
Myths and Tales of the Jicarilla Apache Indians (PP)
OREGON HISTORICAL QUARTERLY       Remembering Celilo Falls [Special Issue], Winter 2007 (PP)
Northwest Coast Indian Designs [Dover Pictorial Archive] (PP)
ORCHARD, WILLIAM C.                  
The Technique of Porcupine-Quill Decoration Among the North American Indians (1916) (PP)
OVERSTREET, CHARLES W. Plains Indian and Mountain Man Arts and Crafts:  An Illustrated Guide (PP) 
Plains Indian and Mountain Map Arts and Crafts II:  An Illustrated Guide (PP)
PADILLA, STAN                   
Deer Dancer:  Yaqui Legends of Life (PP)
PALMER, JESSICA DAWN Animal Wisdom:  The Definitive Guide to the Myth, Folklore and Medicine Power of Animals (PP)
PARKER, ROBERT DALE                    

Changing Is Not Vanishing:  A Collection of American Indian Poetry to 1930
PATEREK, JOSEPHINE        Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume (PP)
PAYNE, RICHARD W. The Native American Plains Flute (PP) 
The Hopi Flute Ceremony (PP)
Indigenous Aerophones of the Northwest Coast (Stapled)
PEATE, M. D., WAYNE F.        Listening With Your Heart:  Lessons from Native America
PERKINS, JOHN PsychoNavigation:  Techniques for Travel Beyond Time (PP) 
Shape Shifting:  Shamanic Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation (PP)
PERRY, ROBERT JOHNSON Life With the Little People [NA] (PP)
PHILIP, NEIL                        The Great Mystery:  Myths of Native America
PHILIP, NEIL [Selected by] Earth Always Endures:  Native American Poems [Photographs by EDWARD S. CURTIS]
PINCHBECK, DANIEL Breaking Open the Head:  A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism [First Edition]
PINTAR, JUDITH A Voice From the Earth [w/Cards] (PP)
PITT, LILLIAN                                   
Spirits Keep Whistling Me Home:  The Works of Lillian Pitt  [Autographed] (PP)
PLAT, F. DAVID Blackfoot Physics:  A Journey Into the Native American Universe (PP)
PLOTKIN, Ph.D., MARK J. Medicine Quest:  In Search of Nature's Healing Secrets (PP)
PORTILLA, MIGUEL LEON                  
[Edited and with an Introduction by]  
The Broken Spears:  The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico (PP)
POTTS, MARIE                                   
The Northern Maidu (PP)  
PRICE, LEW PAXTON Creating an Using the Native American Love Flute (stapled) 
Creating and Using Grandfather's Flute (stapled)
Native North American Flutes (stapled) 
The Oldest Magic:  The prehistory, ancient history, nature of, and early influence of music, with special attention to the role of the Flute (PP)
RAIN, MARY SUMMER Earthway:  A Native American Visionary's Path to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health 
Spirit Song:  The Visionary Wisdom of No-Eyes (PP) 
Phoenix Rising:  No-Eyes' Vision of the Changes to Come (PP)  
Dreamwalker (PP) 
Phantoms Afoot:  Journeys Into the Night (PP)
RAMSEY, JAROLD [Compiled and edited by] Coyote Was Going There:  Indian Literature of the Oregon Country (PP)
READER'S DIGEST Through Indian Eyes: The Untold Story of Native American Peoples
REDDISH, PAUL Spirits of the Jaguar:  The Natural History and Ancient Civilizations of the Caribbean and Central America [Accompanies the BBC TV Series-1996]
REDMOND, LAYNE When the Drummers Were Women:  A Spiritual History of Rhythm [First Edition] (PP)
REED, EVELYN DAHL                        Coyote Tales from the Indian Pueblos (PP)
REID, BILL & BRINGHURST, ROBERT   The Raven Steals the Light [Drawings by BILL REID; with a preface by CLAUDE LEVI-STRAUSS] (PP)
REID, MARTINE                              
Myths and Legends of Haida Indians of the Northwest:  The Children of the Raven (PP)
REYNOLDS, SUE                                
Proud People - Nations within a Nation [Photographic Essays] [First Edition; Autographed]
REZENDES, PAUL Tracking & the Art of Seeing:  How to Read Animal Tracks & Sign [First Edition] 
The Wild Within:  Adventures in Nature and Animal Teachings
RIEMER, MARY F.                               

Instrumental and Vocal Love Songs of the North American Indian [A Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Wesleyan University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Arts, Middleton, Connecticut, April, 1978]
RIPINSKY-NAXON, MICHAEL The Nature of Shamanism:  Substance and Function of a Religious Metaphor
ROBERTS, DAVID                In Search of the Old Ones:  Exploring the Anasazi World of the Southwest
ROBERTS, WILMA                           
Celilo Falls:  Remembering Thunder:  Photos from the Collection of Wilma Roberts (PP)
ROBINSON, PRENTICE Easy to Use Cherokee Tsa La Gi Dictionary (PP)
ROCHE, JUDITH &                             
McHUTCHISON, MEG [Edited by]      
First Fish, First People:  Salmon Tales of the North Pacific Rim (PP)
ROCKWELL, DAVID Giving Voice to Bear:  North American Indian Myths, Rituals, and Images of the Bear (PP)
RONNGREN, DIANE Sage & Smudge:  The Ultimate Guide (PP)
ROSEN, KENNETH              
Voices of the Rainbow:  Contemporary Poetry by Native Americans
ROSS, DR. A. C. (EHANAMANI)        Mitakuye Oyasin "We are all related" (PP)
ROTHENBERG, JEROME Shaking the Pumpkin:  Traditional Poetry of the Indian North Americas [Revised Edition] (PP)
ROTH, GABRIELLE Maps to Ecstasy:  Teachings of an Urban Shaman [w/LOUDON, JOHN] (PP)
RUBY, ROBERT H. & BROWN, JOHN A.                
Indians of the Pacific Northwest [with a Foreword by ALVIN M. JOSEPHY, JR.] (PP)
The Chinook Indians:  Traders of the Lower Columbia River (PP)
RUIZ, DON MIGUEL Prayers: A Communion With Our Creator (PP)
The Four Agreements:  A Toltec Wisdom Book (PP) 
The Mastery of Love:  A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship (PP) 
Beyond Fear:  A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy [as recorded by MARY CARROLL NELSON] (PP) 
The Voice of Knowledge:  A Toltec Wisdom Book (PP)
RUSSACK, NEIL Animal Guides In Life, Myth and Dreams (PP)
RYDEN, HOPE                                  God's Dog (PP)
RYAN, MARAH ELLIS The Flute of the Gods (1909 Edition)
SAGE, JAMES   Coyote Makes Man [Illustrated by BRITTA TECKENTRUP]
 Coyote Stories of the Montana Salish Indians [Coyote Gets Lovesick; Coyote and Raven; Coyote's Dry Meat Turns Into Live Deer] (PP)
SAMS, JAMIE Earth Medicine:  Ancestors' Ways of Harmony for Many Moons [First Edition] (PP) 
Dancing the Dream:  The Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation [First Edition] 
The 13 Original Clan Mothers (PP)
SANCHEZ, VICTOR The Teachings of Don Carlos:  Practical Applications of the Works of Carlos Castaneda [First Edition] (PP)
SANDER, M.D., DONALD Navaho Symbols of Healing:  A Jungian Exploration of Ritual, Image, & Medicine (PP)
[Retold by]
Two Bear Cubs:  A Miwok Legend from California's Yosemite Valley
SARANGEREL Chosen By the Spirits:  Following Your Shamanic Calling (PP)
Riding Windhorses:  A Journey Into the Heart of Mongolian Shamanism (PP)
SARRIS, GREG [Edited by]                  
The Sound of Rattles and Clappers:  A Collection of New California Indian Writing (PP)
SAVAGE, CANDACE Bird Brains:  The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays [First Edition] 
The World of the Wolf
Crows:  Encounters With the Wise Guys
SAVINELLI, ALFRED Plants of Power:  An historical survey of the divine nature of plants and ritual communication through plant helpers to the spirit world (PP)
SCHAEFER, CAROL [Foreword by

Grandmothers Counsel the World: Women Elders Offer Their Vision for Our Planet [autographed by Agnes Baker Pilgrim,Takelma Siletz, aka "Grandma Aggie"] (PP)
SCHELLBERG, DIRK Didgeridoo:  Ritual Origins and Playing Techniques (PP)
Indians:  The great photos that reveal North American Indian Life, 1847-1929, from the Unique Collection of the Smithsonian Institution
& PARKER, ROBERT DALE                 

The Sound the Stars Make Rushing Through the Sky:  The Writings of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft [First Edition]
SCHWEBKE, PHYLLIS W. & KROHN, MARGARET B. How to Sew Leather, Suede, Fur (PP)
SCOTT, Ph.D., GINI GRAHAM Shamanism and Personal Mastery:  Using Symbols, Rituals, and Talismans to Activate the Power Within You [First Edition] (PP) 
The Shaman Warrior [foreword by CHRISTOPHER S. HYATT] (PP) 
Shamanism for Everyone (PP) 
Secrets of the Shaman (PP)
SCULLY, NICKI The Golden Cauldron:  Shamanic Journeys on the Path of Wisdom (PP)
SEED, JOHN & MACY, JOANNA & FLEMING, PAT & NAESS, ARNE Thinking Like a Mountain:  Towards a Council of All Beings (PP)
SEIFER, DENNIS & DUFFIELD, JAMES Kokopelli:  Flute Player Images in Rock Art (PP)
Welcome to Kaya's World 1764:  Growing Up in a Native American Homeland
Meet Kaya:  An American Girl (Book 1)
Kaya's Escape!  A Survival Story (Book2)
Kaya's Hero:  A Story of Giving (Book 3)
Kaya and Lone Dog:  A Friendship Story (Book 4)
Kaya Shows the Way:  A Sister Story (Book 5)
Changes For Kaya:  A Story of Courage (Book 6)
Kaya and the River Girl (Book 7)
SHEARER, TONY The Praying Flute:  Song of the Earth Mother (PP)
SHEPARD, PAUL & SANDERS, BARRY The Sacred Paw:  The Bear in Nature, Myth, and Literature (PP)
SHIMER, PORTER           
Healing Secrets of the Native Americans:  Herbs, Remedies and Practices that Restore the Body, Refresh the Mind and Rebuild the Spirit
SHORRIS, EARL The Death of the Great Spirit:  An Elegy for the American Indian (PP)
 Kokopelli:  Flute Player Images in Rock Art (PP)
[Collected and Edited by]
The Raven and the Totem:  Traditional Alaska Native Myths and Tales (PP)
SMELCER, JOHN E. &         
[Edited by]
Durable Breath:  Contemporary Native American Poetry (PP)
The Technique of North American Indian Beadwork (PP)
Traditional Indian Bead & Leather (PP)
SNEVE, VIRGINIA DRIVING HAWK                      
[Selected by]
Dancing Teepees:  Poems of American Indian Youth [w/Art by GAMMELL, STEPHEN] (PP)
SPENCE, LEWIS Myths and Legends of the North American Indians (Kessinger Publishing; (PP)
SPOTTED EAGLE, DOUGLAS Voices of Native America:  Instruments and Music (PP)
STAFFORD, WILLIAM An Oregon Message:  Poems (PP)
STANDING BEAR, LUTHER          Stories of the Sioux (PP)
STEEDMAN, SCOTT                         
Raven Travelling:  Two Centuries of Haida Art (PP)
STEIGER, BRAD Totems:  The Transformative Power of Your Personal Animal Totem (PP)
STEVENS, JANET [Retold and           
Illustrated by]                                    
Old Bag of Bones:  A Coyote Tale [based on "Old Man Coyote and Buffalo Power," a Shoshoni tale from _Plains Indian Mythology_, by ALICE MARRIOTT and CAROL K. RACHLIN]
STEVENS, Ph.D., JOSE & LENA S. Secrets of Shamanism:  Tapping the Spirit Power Within You (PP)
STEWARD, JULIAN HAYNES                 

Some Western Shoshoni Myths (Forgotten Books) (PP)
STEWART, HILARY                           
Stone, Bone, Antler & Shell: Artifacts of the Northwest Coast [Second Revised Edition]
Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast (PP)

Dream Catchers:  A Journey Into Native American Spirituality [First Edition] (PP)
STEWART, OMER C. Peyote Religion:  A History (PP)
STOLPE, HJELMAR                           
[Edited by MENTEN, THEODORE]       
Amazon Indian Designs from Brazilian and Guianan Wood Carvings (PP)

When the Storm God Rides:  Tejas and Other Indian Legends (Forgotten Books) (PP)
SUN BEAR The Path of Power [w/WABUN & WEINSTOCK, BARRY; a Sun Bear Book] (PP)
Beadwork Techniques of the Native Americans (PP)
SUZUKI, DAVID & KNUDTSON, PETER Wisdom of the Elders:  Sacred Native Stories of Nature (PP)
SWANN, BRIAN [Illustrated by           
RENDON, MARIA]                             
Touching the Distance:  Native American Riddle-Poems [First Edition]
SWANN, BRIAN [Edited by]                  

Native American Songs and Poems:  An Anthology (PP)
SWANN, BRIAN                                    

Song of the Sky:  Versions of Native American Song-Poems (PP)
SWANTON, JOHN REED                       

Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians (Forgotten Books) (PP)
THEISZ, R. D Sharing the Gift of Lakota Song (PP w/CD)
THOMPSON, LINDA             
People of the Northewest & Subarctic [Autographed]
THOMPSON, STITH PARKER                

Tales of the North American Indians (Forgotten Books) (PP)
TOMKINS, WILLIAM Indian Sign Languagae (PP)
[Edited and With an Introduction by]             
Blue Dawn, Red Earth:  New Native American Storytellers (PP)
TREMBLAY, GAIL Indian Singing in 20th Century America (PP)
Indian Singing:  Poems by Gail Tremblay [Revised Edition] (PP)
TSIMMU Learning from Eagle, Living With Coyote
TWOFEATHERS, MANNY                  Kokopelli's Dream:  The Emergence of a Legend (PP)
UDE, WAYNE                                    Becoming Coyote [Novel] (PP)
Empty Nets:  Indians, Dams, and the Columbia River (PP)
BAHR, DONALD M. & LOPEZ,            
BAPTISTO & PANCHO, JOSE             
Rainhouse and Ocean:  Speeches for the Papago Year  [Volume Four:  American Tribal Religions; KARL W. LUCKERT, General Editor] (PP)
UNDERWOOD, SUSAN THOMAS        Walk With Spirit (PP)

Handbook of the Collection of Musical Instruments in the United States National Museum [Bulletin 136; Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1927]
The Lance and the Shield:  The Life and Times of Sitting Bull
VANDER, JUDITH                                   
Songprints:  the Musical Experience of Five Shoshone Women
VAN LAAN, NANCY [Retold by] Rainbow Crow (PP)
VILLOLDO, Ph.D., ALBERTO                    Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval
VILLOLDO, Ph.D., ALBERTO &            
KRIPPNER, Ph.D., STANLEY               
Healing States:  A Journey Into the World of Spiritual Healing and Shamanism (PP)
VIOLA, HERMAN J.        Trail to Wounded Knee:  The Last Stand of the Plains Indians 1860-1890
VIZENOR, GERALD                               

Summer in the Spring:  Anishinaabe Lyric Poems and Stories, New Edition (American Indian Literature and Critical Studies Series) (PP)
The Shaman:  Voyages of the Soul:  Trance, Ecstasy and Healing From Siberia to the Amazon
VOGEL, VIRGIL J American Indian Medicine (PP)
VON HAGEN, VICTOR W.                    Realm of the Incas:  Uncovered Treasures of Peru (PP)
WALDMAN, CARL Atlas of the North American Indian [Revised Edition] (PP) 
Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes [Revised Edition] (PP)
WALKER, JR., in collaboration           
Nez Perce Coyote Tales:  The Myth Cycle (PP)
WALL, STEVE & ARDEN, HARVEY Wisdomkeepers:  Meetings With Native American Spiritual Elders (PP) 
Travels in a Stone Canoe:  The Return to the Wisdomkeepers
WALL, STEVE Shadowcatchers:  A Journey in Search of the Teachings of Native American Healers [First Edition] 
Wisdom's Daughters:  Conversations With Women Elders of Native America
WALLIS, VELMA Bird Girl and the Man Who Followed the Sun (PP)
Two Old Women:  An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival
WALSH, M.D., Ph.D., ROGER N. The Spirit of Shamanism (PP)
WAPP, EDWARD R.                           

The Sioux Courting Flute:  Its Tradition, Construction, and Music [A Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts, University of Washington, 1984]
WATERS, FRANK Book of the Hopi:  The First Revelation of the Hopi's Historical and Religious World-view of Life (PP)
Indian Givers:  How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World (PP)
 Native Roots:  How the Indians Enriched America (PP)
WEATHERUP, KATIE                Practical Shamanism:  A Guide for Walking in Both Worlds (PP)
WEBB, HILLARY S Exploring Shamanism:  Using Ancient Rites to Discover the Unlimited Healing Powers of Cosmos and Consciousness (PP)
WEBBER, M.L.S., BERT      
Indians Along the Oregon Trail:  The Tribes of Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington Identified (Encyclopedic) [Expanded Edition] (PP)
WELTFISH, GENE The Lost Universe:  The Way of Life of the Pawnee (PP)
[Edited by]                                                  
From  Here We Speak:  An Anthology of Oregon Poetry [Autographed by ED EDMO] (PP)
WESSELMAN, Ph.D., HANK Medicine Maker:  Mystic Encounters on the Shaman's Path (PP)
WHITE, JULIA C.        The Pow Wow Trail:  Understanding and Enjoying the Native American Pow Wow (PP)
WHITAKER, KAY CORDELL The Reluctant Shaman:  A Woman's First Encounters With the Unseen Spirits of the Earth (PP)
WILKINSON, CHARLES                       

The People Are Dancing Again:  The History of the Siletz Tribe of Western Oregon
WILKINSON, TODD Track of the Coyote (PP)
WILLIAMS, MARIA     How Raven Stole the Sun
WILLIAMS, TERRY TEMPEST   Coyote's Canyon [Photographs by JOHN TELFORD] (PP)
WIN, SPUKA SNI Lakota Traditional and Contemporary Recipes (Stapled)
WOLFGANG HABERLAND             The Art of North America
Northwoods Cradle Song:  From a Menominee Lullaby [Illustrated by DESIMINI, LISA]
WOOD, NANCY Shaman's Circle [Poems by NANCY WOOD; Paintings by FRANK HOWELL] 
The Serpent's Tongue:  Prose, Poetry, and Art of the New Mexico Pueblos
WOOD, NANCY [Photographs by         
 Hollering Sun [Taos Pueblo]
WYATT, GARY                                 
Mythic Beings:  Spirit Art of the Northwest Coast (PP)
WYMAN, LELAND C.                           
Blessingway:  With Three Versions of the Myth Recorded and Translated from the Navajo by Father Berard Haile, O. F. M.,
YOUNG, JOHN V. Kokopelli:  Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers (PP)



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