From the Book, "The Storyteller's Flute"


Flute Circle gatherings provide a sense of connection that results in everyone growing musically, from the beginner to the recording artist.  People find a spiritual bond created by the music of the flute.  Often times, one learns more through the people connection than through reading books or listening to tapes and CDs.  The Native American Flute has taught me many songs, but people breathe life into the journey.
We each contain an enduring spark of that wisdom at the heart of all creation.  Isolated and unsupported, it is a small but relentless spark.  United with others, those sparks grow into a flame of illumination and strength for us all.
An ancient Peruvian medicine man had a vision that the flute players will bring the song of peace to the world.  On the Great Sacred Seal of the United Tribes of the Americas, the Native American Flute represents the Spirit as the music flows with the wind to carry Peace to all Hearts.  Kokopelli, the mythological legendary flute player, believed as I do:  That love is magic.
The strength which sustains and renews each one of us also sustains and renews our communities, our organizations, our environment, the Earth.  Gathering in circles enables us to move deeply into ourselves.  Into that core which continues to survive, hope, dream, and carry on.
It has been my honor and privilege to play with many flute circles and many other wonderful flute players in my journey.
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