Joshua Bernstein (1/20/1998)

Try playing in different rooms and spaces.  Stairwells, churches, bathrooms, mountains, caves, streams, and high ceiling rooms, small rooms, and rooms with wood floors and rooms with concrete or linoleum floors.

Each space has its unique character. Write or make a mental note of some of the sounds you hear.  Play a short note and listen to the sound.  Play a long held note at medium volume and listen to the sound while you play and to the ending of the note.

Is it a large sound with a full body or is it thin and soft?  Does the sound seem to last for a while or just a tiny bit or not at all when you stop playing?  How about when you start the sound?  Does it become immediately or gradually?

Certain spaces evoke certain emotional and musical responses from each individual person, depending on who they are and where they have been in their life.  Make a mental note of a certain space’s power to provoke you to different musical expressions.  Also notice your body and how it is responding to the space.  Be open to what the space evokes from you.

Go back to the same spaces over and over and make a note of the poser of the space to inspire you.  Some spaces will call you back and others will repel you.

What is happening is that you are building a relationship to that space and as you nurture your relationship with that space you will be nurtured in return.

If your favorite spaces are far away then see if you can take elements of what you like about that space and recreate them in your home or in a closer location.  Begin to take the memory and the relationships to your favorite spaces with you.

At home in a quiet place, sit and remember what your favorite space is like.  What does it smell like?  What colors are coming to mind?  What memories and feelings do you feel in your favorite place?  What sounds o you hear w hen you are there?  Remember to be open to what comes into your mind.

Most of all, have fun with all of the unique qualities of the spaces and keep exploring.

                        (copyright Joshua Bernstein 2011)