Drum Making Workshop with Shane and Noella Redhawk (Lakota), 
Hillsboro, OR
,  2005



  Dwight_Linda_Noella_1   Gayland   Jeff   Julie
Julie_and_Linda   Noella_and_Dwight   Sarah_and_June   Shane_Redhawk1   Shane_Tara_Dan
Shane_and_Gayland   Sheila   Steven   Steven_and_Shane   Tara_and_Dan


Greenhaven Recording

mike-bob   mike-bob2   mike-dwight   mike-dwight2

Mt. Tum Tum Indian Encampment
Pacific Northwest Dancers and Storytellers
Amboy, WA, 2005

TUM1   TUM10   TUM11   TUM12   TUM2
TUM3   TUM4   TUM5   TUM6   TUM7




Gary Stroutsos, "Along the River"
Native American Flute Music During the Lewis and Clark Era
May 5, 2005
Woodland Commons, Woodland, WA

GS1   GS2   GS3   GS5   GS6



Mark Holland Greenhaven Concert,
Hillsboro, OR
, 2005


Cascadia Flute Circle Rood Bridge Park Picnic,
Hillsboro, OR, 2005




Delta Park PowWow Veteran's Day Cerermony, Portland, OR 2005
Native American Veteran's Association (NIVA) Officers Alvie and Darryl, with Stephanie



Circle of Hope/A Gathering of Flutes
Portland, OR, 2005








The Waters Speak, Kirkland Performance Center
Kirland, WA, 2005
Gary Stroutsos, Keith Bear, Larry Mahlis







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