Breath of the player –
Ruffled the feathers
When centuries of life,
Held Blessings of Sound.
Held in the Sound is –
Birth of the leading edge –
Splitting air and ear,
Twisting – or off-center!
Ever remember your echo?
Those of the canyon’s still do
Very haunting and flightful,
This sound to be shared with you.
Ever the sound – forgotten –
Never to Know the Master –
Played again with Mystery,
The Ancestors live within you! 

Ancients breathe – their Sound –
A mystery for all to share –
The Ocean’s roar, is now tuned –
As all the tones relax! 

Cliff Dwellers’ sound,
Breath of all players –
Sound and the Prayer
A Gift of the Anasazi!

Cascadia Flute Circle Member
Ken Jewell
January 16, 2011
Copyright 2011

Photos by William Coberly,