Twenty Thoughts on Sharing Breath
Through the Native American Flute


By RuthiE Neilan, RN, BSN, MA

1 All healing is about SELF-healing.  You do not heal another; rather, you create a space in which healing transformation can take place.
2 Healing is not the same as curing.  Healing is restoration of wholeness.
3 Be 100 percent PRESENT when you enter that space with another.  Leave ego, personal concerns, and judgments at the door.  Imagine taking your shoes off.
4 Introduce yourself, recognize that you are a guest, even though you may be treated as the one in charge.  Remember, you are NOT in charge.
5 Center yourself, take time to breathe, and sit in silence before you begin to play.
6 INTENTION is everything.  Recognize your intention with each breath.
7 Let go of any and all attachment to outcome; have no expectations.
8 Do not take anything personally; this is NOT about you.  If your offer to play is declined, remember that you are the guest and leave graciously.
9 Sound is VIBRATION and energy.  The listener will be affected.
10 Sound carries.  Play softly, and behind closed doors, when possible.
11 Offer a choice when you can.  Carry low, medium and high range flutes.  Most individuals do not want really high-range flutes, although this isi not always the case.
12 Offer a choice of tempo and style, if you can, to match the listener’s mood.  Slow and low is often the safest and wisest choice to engage the listener.
13 Support the listener by staying in the “now.”  It is acceptable to ask, “How is this for you?
14 It is acceptable to cry.  It is okay to sit in silence.
15 Trust your intuition.  Listen to that still, small voice within.
16 Be very aware of your breath, and LISTEN to what you play.
17 It is not necessary to engage in conversation, but if you do, know why that you do.
18 Remember that this is not about you as ego; rather, it is about you creating a space for another.
19 Be the conduit through which the spirit of breath flows out and manifests into healing sound.
20 The Native Flute is a powerful transformative tool; use it with care and clarity.



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