Cascadia Flute Circle Benefit Show
for Wheelchair Accessibility
The Wilshire United Methodist Church & Native American Fellowship
"Past, Present and Future:  A Musical Journey and Performance"
April 12, 2008
Portland Oregon


Cleve Friedman, Narrator
Stephanie Baldridge, Native American Flute
Shadrack Sandvold, Native American Flute & Percussion
Rick Tinling, Guitarist
Ian Manheimer and the Shady Boyz Inter-Tribal Drum Group
The Bruno Family (Warm Springs) Dancers & Friends
Ed Edmo (Shoshone-Bannock), Storyteller
Silent Auction & Performance
Hosted by Cascadia Flute Circle and The Wilshire UMC & Native American Fellowship
Auction items provided by the members of Cascadia Flute Circle & Friends, and the Wilshire UMC & Native
     American Fellowship

Stephanie Baldridge and Cascadia Flute Circle began their journey with the Wilshire United Methodist Church & Native American Fellowship in April of  2005, and it has been a wonderful and enriching relationship ever since.  We have gotten to know the members of the Native Fellowship, and brought many talented performers and shows to you.  An ongoing cause that has always been near and dear to our hearts has been the Wilshure UMC & Native American Fellowship's Wheelchair Accessibility Fund.  As part of our ongoing efforts for wheelchair accessibility, in April of 2008, we did a benefit Concert and Silent Auction, and, together with the Matching Funds Grant, we were able to raise almost $5,000 in a single night toward WUMC & Native American Fellowship's Wheelchair Accessibility.  The upstairs bathroom is now complete, the ramp is now all but complete (only awaiting railings), and we are overjoyed to finally see our collective dream coming to fruition.  On behalf of the Wilshure UMC & Native American Fellowship, and Cascadia Flute Circle, we wish to thank all of the very talented performers who participated in this Concert.  We also wish to thank you all for attending, and for your generous donations to this very worthy cause.

Our goal with this Concert was to educate people about the meaning of music, dance, and storytelling in Native Culture.  Please enjoy a sampling of the photos from this wonderful show!

Past, Present & Future:  A Musical Journey & Performance

Cleve Friedman, Narrator


Rather than providing you with mere entertainment or diversion, tonight we are going to take you on a musical journey, grounded in the past, united in the present, and moving beyond into the future.  Listen to the heartbeat of Mother Earth as our journey begins. . .                  

Ian Mannheim and the Shady Boyz Inter-Tribal Drum Group


In the Beginning, Creator spoke to the people through the elements of wind, fire, earth and water, and also through the animals, for the Creator did not speak in a direct way1.  He gifted the people with the means to preserve and convey their traditions through music, song and dance, and thus a universal language was born.


Shadrack Sandvold performs "Along the River," a Traditional Mandan/Hidatsa song



Stephanie Baldridge, Native American Flute, and Shadrack Sandvold, Percussion


           The Bruno Family (Warm Springs) Dancers & Friends



From being firmly grounded in the past, we are able to connect with reality in the present, and that which is good.  The people are drawn together to hear the stories, which connect the generations, unite the families and make us peaceful and happy.  This helps us to keep our traditions alive, remember our history, teaches us how to walk the red road in beauty, and prepares us for the challenges that lie ahead.  Hear the ancient lore, as we listen to the words of the storytellers of old, through own own Ed Edmo(Shoshone-Bannock).


Through being grounded in the past, and united in the present, we have gained hope and strength to move beyond, into the future.  The next generation will use the wisdom we have gained and shared through music, stories and dance, to continue the hopes and dreams of our Elders.

Ian Mannheim and the Shady Boyz Inter-Tribal Drum Group


Rick Tinling, Guitarist


Stephanie Baldridge, Native American Flute & Rick Tinling, on Guitar


Bruno Family Dancers (Warm Springs) & Friends

Our journey tonight comes to a close, but is not ended.  May you always carry the gift of music in your heart.

And last, but not least, we would like to give a very special "Thank-You" to Vance and Marby Pennington, who provided our amazing sound system and lighting effects!

Vance and Marby Pennington

1 It was the Pawnee Chief Letakots-Lesa who said, "In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals; for Tirawa, the One Above, did not speak directly to man.  He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the beasts, and that from them, and from the stars and the sun and the moon, man should learn."

We wanted to give you an update on the progress of the Wheelchair Accessibility Project.  Below are some photos of the Wheelchair Ramp Dedication Ceremony.  The Wilshire United Methodist Church & Native American Fellowship is now fully wheelchair accessible.  The Native American Flute really can make a difference!

 Wheelchair Ramp Dedication Ceremony

Portland, OR
Sunday, March 29, 2009   





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