Where Do Songs Come From?

Ronald Roybal 



Visited with my good friend, Sky Redhawk today.  Sky owns a Native American music and art gallery, Native Sounds, in Santa Fe.  Itís always nice to stop by and visit him at his shop before I head out to play for the evening.  He is a fine Native Flutist and has a few self produced CDs which range from solo recordings to projects with his group, Native Spirits.  I helped him record and master his last effort ĎTo Make Songí last summer.

We discussed where our songs come from.  I have this vision in my head that my songs are like spirit horses from the spirit world.  They are living beings looking to make their way into the natural world to fulfill their purpose.  Their purpose is to bring sustenance, joy and hope to human beings.  They seek song carriers who are worthy of riding them.  When they find a human who is worthy, they let the song carrier bring them into the natural world where they then offer themselves to human beings.  After being ridden, the songs go back to the spirit world where they tell other songs about the song carrier.  If the song has been treated well by the song carrier, that song will encourage other songs to trust the carrier.  In time, many songs seek out the carrier because it is through this person that these songs can fulfill their purpose.

I have found this way of believing to be the reason for what success I have been able to achieve in my musical career.  I love each of my songs and I know they love me.  I respect them for the great gift they give to me and their listeners.  When I see the faces of people that are hearing my songs I know that they are being fed from a higher power and that the songís purpose is being fulfilled.  Itís a powerful thing to be at the receiving end of the songís gift.  My purpose is being fulfilled.  Like I said in an earlier post. . . .  Itís great to be a musician! RR


Ronald Roybal is a Native American Flutist and Guitarist living in Santa Fe, NM.  His music has been nominated for six Native American Music Awards and has won two New Mexico Music Industry Awards for Best Native American Music Production.  You can visit his website at www.ronaldroybal.com.



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