Wolf Haven International 2009

Our Guide
Megan Moskwa

On Veterans Day, November 11, several members of Cascadia Flute Circle were afforded a very rare and special opportunity to play Native American Flutes to the Wolves of Wolf Haven. Our guide, Megan Moskwa, led us on a private tour and introduced us to the wolves (and two coyotes) currently living at Wolf Haven. Both the staff at Wolf Haven, and our group were curious as to how the wolves would react to hearing the Native American Flute. We were excited to note that, as we played to them, many of the wolves came up close to rub on their fenced enclosures, some rolled on the ground in relaxed play, and one wolf in particular, who had not recently been very social, came out and sniffed noses with another wolf. We were all astonished at the responsiveness of the Wolves to the Native American Flute. As we finished playing on our tour, we were gifted with the sound of 50 wolves and two coyotes singing to us. It was a profound experience; one we will never forget!

Click here for Howling Wolves at Wolf Haven

Wolf Haven Grounds












Wolf Haven International, located in Tenino, Washington, is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is "working for wolf conservation" by: Protecting our wild wolves; providing sanctuary for captive-born wolves; promoting wolf restoration in historic ranges; and educating the public on the value of all wildlife. Wolf Haven is one of the largest wolf sanctuaries of its type in North America. Twenty-five acres of its 80 acre facility are dedicated to the sanctuary of wolves, coyotes, and other species, such as bluebirds, butterflies, moths, and the rare Mazama pocket gopher. At any given time, Wolf Haven houses approximately 50 wolves, with a handful of wolf-dog hybrids and coyotes. Since 1982, Wolf Haven has rescued more than 100 captive-born wolves from roadside zoos, animal collectors, private owners, research and other facilities. At Wolf Haven, these wolves receive a lifetime of compassionate care and are treated with dignity and respect for their wild nature.

Wolf Haven International is committed to educating the public in the fields of wolf and wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability through its educational programs. Wolf Haven’s educational presentations are filled with information about wolves and their habitats, including other species of wildlife, and their relationship to their environments.

On-site programs provide the opportunity to view the wolves up close, while learning about the pack, and the territory, habitat and role of wolves in helping to keep the ecosystem in balance. Wolf Haven’s educational programs help to dispel the misinformation surrounding wolves attacking people and preying on livestock, and the false impression that these noble creatures make good pets.

Wolf Haven is also a member of the Species Survival Plan (SSP) for Mexican gray and red wolves. Wolf Haven participates in breeding and pre-release programs as part of these plans. An SSP is a partnership between captive facilities and the government agencies responsible for the animals’ recovery and survival in the wild. Some partners in these efforts include:

• U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
• The Association of Zoos and Aquariums
• Cincinnati Zoo
• Arogon Zoo in Mexico City
• Arizona and New Mexico state wildlife agencies

Wolf Haven is one of only three U.S. pre-release breeding facilities for a multi-agency effort to restore Mexican gray wolves to the Southwest. Wolf Haven is also a foster facility for housing red wolves that have been bred for red wolf recovery in North Carolina. Wolf Haven is known throughout the world for its public outreach, education, and support for research. For over two decades Wolf Haven has been educating an average of 20,000 to 30,000 visitors each year on the wolf and its role in the wild. Their educational programs include a variety of guided tours, on and off-site presentations, and community outreach efforts.


For more information about the Wolf Haven Sanctuary tours and photo tours, Wolf Wares gift shop, events, education programs and conservation efforts, please visit their website at www.WolfHaven.org, or call: (360) 264-4695, told-free (800) 448-9653.

Adopt a Wolf

Wolf Haven offers memberships, wolf adoptions and sponsorships, as well as opportunities for businesses to support their work for wolf conservation. During our visit in November, we gifted one of our members with the adoption of a wolf. He is now the proud sponsor of Bart, a Mexican gray wolf.

The members of Cascadia Flute Circle look forward to our continued association with Wolf Haven and wish to thank them for this rare and wonderful opportunity!

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