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Please be advised that the following individuals who are purporting to be the entity known as "Cascadia Flute Circle" have no affiliation with Cascadia Flute Circle,
Dwight Lind & Linda Lind - Quiet Bear Creation Flutes, also known as Quiet Bear Flutes and Creation Flutes
Julie Lomen & Larry Lomen
Dan Wright
Gillian Kathleen

Flute Circle Prayer
Let this Circle be a healthy community we create when we gather to share the universal language of music enjoyed by all people from all walks of life.  Let this Circle share of its time, talent and treasure, and promote the healing properties of music and the Native American Flute.  Let this Circle engender the spirit of kindness and cooperation in our thoughts, deeds and actions, always working for the greater good of all.  Let this Circle honour all our relations and treat all beings with love and respect.  Let this Circle be a safe haven to all who enter here, whomever you are, and wherever you may be on your Flute journey.  You are welcome.

 Ho!  Mitakuye Oyasin ("We Are All Related").

Cascadia Flute Circle was founded in 1999 and has grown into a wonderful community of eclectic flute players and musicians, including guitarists and percussionists, who share a passion for the Native American Flute.  Often we will combine other instruments with the Native American Flute, in order to expand our musical horizons. 

In keeping with a more Traditional form of non-hierarchical organization, Cascadia Flute Circle is comprised of its Members and a Facilitator.  Our Flute Circles are held monthly, and are organized around the suggestions of our Members.  We always have an open "Suggestion Box" available for new ideas, projects and events/workshops.

We begin each Flute Circle by playing music, with time given to the following: Questions/instruction, open mic, duets, individual and ensemble playing, jamming together, and improv. We then break to share a community potluck, socialize, share flutes and announcements, and afterward more time is given for flute playing. Check out the link at the top of our "Member Services" page for fabulous Flute Circle Recipes! Please note that Cascadia Flute Circle is a drug and alcohol free Flute Circle.

Flute Circle members come from all walks of life and professions, and we welcome new people interested in the Native American Flute, visitors from other Flute Circles, and do Flute Circle exchanges.  Our members include a number of talented flute makers, flute players, and flute teachers.  All of them are delighted to share their expertise at Flute Circles, or you may contact them directly.  You do not need to know how to play a flute to attend our Flute Circle! 

One of the ways in which our Flute Circle feels that it has the most impact is to donate our time and playing skills to charitable organizations at their fundraisers. Cascadia Flute Circle has played at the Circle of Hope for Native Cancer Survivors, as well as several other organizations, including The Wilshire United Methodist Native American Fellowship's ongoing drive for funds for wheelchair accessibility.

We welcome you to bring your own percussive instruments, and we have a large selection of world percussion available for use at Flute Circles.  Cascadia Flute Circle also has a CD lending library, as well as books and videos/dvds that are available for viewing on the premises.  Please access our website pages for detailed information on these titles.  All regularly-scheduled events are free to members, guests and interested newcomers.  We also offer special guest presenters, workshops, and special events several times a year.  The prices vary, depending on the fees of the presenter and the nature of the event. 

If you are interested in attending Cascadia Flute Circle, inquiring about Flute players, Flute events, or other information, please see the "Contact Us" page for contact information.

If you are interested in being on our e-list for notification for upcoming Concerts and Events, please contact Stephanie at In order to respect everyone's privacy, please be advised that we do not share our mailing lists.

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