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Dwight Lind & Linda Lind - Quiet Bear Creation Flutes, also known as Quiet Bear Flutes and Creation Flutes
Julie Lomen & Larry Lomen

Dan Wright

Gillian Kathleen

Cascadia Flute Circle and
Wilshire United Methodist Native American Fellowship
are proud to present



 Join us for an evening of Traditional Storytelling, with performances by
 in a benefit for
Wilshire United Methodist Native American Fellowship
3917 NE Shaver
Portland, OR  97212
Wheelchair Accessible

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Concert 7:00 p.m.
Arrive at 6:00 p.m., and have dinner!
Tickets:  Love Donation
Indian Tacos $7.00 (includes beverage & dessert)

Contact Stephanie at (503) 846-1755 or for info

Many thanks to Nash Tavewa for his gift of his new recording, "Yooneza:  Zapotec Music [Clay Flute, Tlapitzalli and Drum], for the Cascadia Flute Circle Lending Library."  An extraordinary recording, Nash!

Absorbing Presentation Of The American Indian Flute Traditions
By ARomero

February 16, 2012
Posted in: CD Reviews


Remembering the Songs: Music Traditions from the Zuni, Navajo, and Salish

Remembering the Songs: Music Traditions from the Zuni, Navajo, and Salish is a multimedia project with a music CD and a video documentary produced by Salish educator Julie Cajune.

The film Remembering the Songs begins with an interview with American Indian musician Fernando Cecillion, who discusses the endangered art of flute-playing in the Zuni pueblo.

“The film explains the music,” says Cajune. “People that aren’t familiar with music from traditional American Indian communities may not know that most of the old music, the traditional music, had a spiritual origin. So my purpose in this project was to try to re-inspire young people to learn about their own traditions and to maybe become interested again. Some of those traditions haven’t persisted.”

Another enthralling character included in Remembering the Songs is Paul Thompson, a master Navajo (Dinť) flute maker.

The film also presents the work of the late Jerome Vanderburg, one of the last Salish men who made and played traditional flutes. Vanderburg and his wife Agnes were recorded by the Smithsonian Institution in the early 1950s, singing and performing traditional flute music.

Remembering the Songs includes Gary Stroutsos’ version of a Salish love song based on Vanderburg’s melodies. “I don’t think anybody in our community makes those traditional flutes anymore,” says Cajune. “So my idea was to try to re-inspire people to keep those traditions alive.”

The music disc is primarily instrumental and includes a mix or traditional and modern flute performances by Fernando Cecillion, Gary Stroutsos and Paul Thompson.
The Remembering the Songs film is an absorbing presentation of the American Indian flute traditions of the American Southwest and Northwest.

For additional information:
Or by mail: All CDs and DVDs:

The Center for American Indian Policy and Applied Research
P.O. Box 70
Pablo, MT 59855

Gratitude to Anthony Natividad for gifting Cascadia Flute Circle with his awesome CD of Hawaiian Nose Flute, Ahupua'a.  We love you, Anthony!

Many thanks to Pam Mortensen for her generous gift of her amazing new CD, Dogum to our CD Lending Library.  Thanks, Pam!

Steven Marshall, a longtime member of Cascadia Flute Circle and going on his 25th year as a Gnostic priest, is to be elevated to the sacred order of Bishop.  (Steven has been the Priest in Charge of the Queen of Heaven Gnostic Church, a parish of the Ecclesia Gnostica [Gnostic Church] in Portland, for over 22 years).  The Right Reverend Stephan A. Hoeller, Regionary Bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica in the Americas, and the Most Reverend Rosamonde Miller, his sister Bishop in the Episcopate of the Gnosis, will be consecrator and co-consecrator, respectively.  This is a very special event.  Bishop Tau Rosamonde was the first to receive the Gnostic Succession from Tau Stephanus in 1981.  Steven will be the first to receive it since then.

The consecration will take place on the 23rd day of October, 2011, at the Church of the Holy Sophia in Los Angeles, California.  Steven wishes to invite all of us to share our spirits with his on this date.
Congrats to you, Steven!  We are all very proud of you!

A  HUGE "Thanak-You" to Gary Stroutsos, who very generously gifted Cascadia Flute Circle's CD Lending Library with his newest CDs, "Inside Tutka Bay" and "Shadows of Time," as well as copies of "Oru:  The Natural Order," and "the Liverpool Trio, with David Lanz.  Many thanks!  We love you, Gary!  Please also see our Articles page for a new Article by Gary!

A warm Thank-You to Carl Perry for the gift to Cascadia Flute Circle's CD Lending Library of his latest CD, "We Remember."  Thanks, Carl!

Many thanks to Jeff Perry and his Father, Carl, for their very generous donation of the latest CD recorded by Jeff for his Father, Carl, to use with the Native American Flute, entitled "Background Music for the Native American Flute Volume #2 (2010).  We love you guys!

Gratitude to QuailSpirit (Mark Church) for the gift to our CD Lending Library of his CD, "Native American Flute Background Tracks:  Traditional and Natural Background Tracks."  Thank you, Mark!

Blessings to Anasazi Flutemaker Mark Purtill for his gift of his CD, "Ancestor Dreams:  Music for Anasazi & Native American Flutes," to our CD Lending Library.  Thanks, Mark!

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to Morgan Fawcett (Tlingit) for his generous donation of two of his CDs, entitled "Tears of our Fathers" and "Legacy."  We are so looking forward to your Concert here at the Native Fellowship in April of 2011!

A GIANT "Thank-You" to Odell Borg, for his very generous gift to Cascadia Flute Circle's CD Lending Library of two CDs by Travis Terry, "Canyon Shadows" and "Echoes of the Canyon Wall;" John Bear's "Pure Passion" CD; "How to Play Native American Flute" (with instruction book) DVD; "Native American Flute Intermediate Instruction" (with instruction book) DVD; "Native Spirit Song Book" (with CD; for F#, G & A Native American Flutes); "Native Spirit Song Book Volume Two" (with CD; for F#, G & A Native American Flutes); "Folk Spirit Song Book" (with CD; for F#, G & A Native American Flutes); and "Christmas Spirit Songbook" (with CD; for F#, G & A Native American Flutes).  If you would like to purchase any of these wonderful books from Odell and High Spirits Flute, please see our Books page at, then click on "Flute Tablature Books for Purchase."  You will find these, and other Flute Tablature books for purchase from their sellers.  Thank-You so much Odell!

A warm Thank-You! to Ralph & Trenna Montes, for their donation of Ralph's CD, "First Day of Spring," to the Cascadia Flute Circle CD Lending Library.  Thanks, Ralph & Trenna!  We look forward to hearing more from you!

Many thanks to Mark Thunderwolf for his generous donation of three CDs to Cascadia Flute Circle's CD Lending Library, "Totem. . . The Winged Ones," "Spirit Call," and "Thru the Eyes. . . Of My Brother."  Mark is also working on a new CD, entitled, "Open Your Heart."  Thanks, Mark, and we look forward to hearing more of you soon!

Many thanks to Pamela Mortensen, Didge player extraordinaire, for her generous donation to our CD Lending Library of her CD, "Tree Speak."  We are also looking foreward to her new release, "Doğum"!  Thanks, Pam!

Special thanks to Cornell Kinderknecht for the gift of his CD, "Returning Home" to Cascadia Flute Circle's CD Lending Library.  Now there are two for everyone to fight over!  Thanks, Cornell!

Special Thanks to Joe Young for the gift of his Limited Edition of his new CD, Face the Wind: The Poetry of Air Edition to Cascadia Flute Circle's Lending Library. We love you, Joe!

Many Thanks to Eric Ray for his generous donation of a copy of Gvwi's latest CD, Valley of Thunder, to Cascadia Flute Circle's Lending Library. Thanks, Eric!

Many thanks to Cascadia Flute Circle member Janina Angel Bath, for the gift of her new CD, entitled "Gypsy Woman," to our CD Lending Library. Way to go, Janina! Congrats!

Special thanks to Gary Stroutsos for the gift to Cascadia Flute Circle's Lending Library of his latest CD project with David Lanz, entitled Liverpool: Re-imagining the Beatles. Beautiful! Thanks to you from us all, Gary!

A big "Thank-You" to Pat Oberdieck for the gift of her wonderful "Piano Accompaniment for the Native Flute" to our CD Lending Library. You can find this background CD on our "Background/Rhythm/Guitar CDs for the Native Flute for Purchase" link at the top of this page. Thanks, Pat!

Many thanks to Kiriel Solene for her very generous gift of three of her CDs, "Tribute to GK: Awakening;" "Big Earth Sky;" and "In Your Dreams" to the Cascadia Flute Circle CD Lending Library. Thanks, Kiriel!

Special thanks to Peter Nighteagle for gifting his CDs, "Pure Nighteagle: A Collection of Pure Nighteagle Songs," and "Last Buffalo" to our CD Lending Library. Thanks, Peter!

Many thanks to Rockapelli (Kevin Donoho & Emiliano Campobello) for gifting us with their CD, "Rockapelli." Thanks, Emiliano!

A round of applause for their wonderful performance at the Yosemite Flute & Art Festival '09, and a big "Thank-You!" to Garth Brooks and Kenneth Hooper of Elysium Calling for their gracious gift of their debut CD, "Shapeshifter," and their newest CD, "Imagination," to the Cascadia Flute Circle Lending Library. Thanks, Ken and Garth! We love you guys!

A very special "Thank-You" to Peter Kelliher for the gift of his CD, "Wooden Flute Journey" to the Cascadia Flute Circle Lending Library. It was great to finally get to talk with you in person, Peter! An amazing journey!

Our gratitude to Cornell Kinderknecht for the gift of his amazing CD, "Nightfall," to Cascadia Flute Circle's Lending Library. For more information about Cornell, please see our Links page at Many thanks for your many gifts, Cornell!

A big Thank-You to Thomas Stokes, for donating a copy of his CD, "Spirit's Destiny: A Native American Flute Journey," to our Flute Circle's Lending Library. Thomas' CD combines the mystical sounds of the Native American Flute with the natural sounds of Nature from the Pacific Northwest. Thanks, Thomas!

Many thanks to John Two Eagles for the gift of his CD, "Between Two Worlds," to the Cascadia Flute Circle CD Lending Library. This CD has some wonderful stories connected to it, and some wonderful tributes. Thanks, John!

Special thanks to Bethel Evans, who very graciously donated a copy of her CD, "Reflections: Embracing the Stillness," to our Flute Circle's CD Lending Library. Bethel recently had this CD remastered, and it sounds better than ever! Thanks, Bethel!


The CD, Clear Water Reflections, a compilation put together by the International Native American Flute Association (INAFA) has received a Native American Music Award (NAMMY) nomination in the Best Compilation category! Clear Water Reflections is made up of new music from the fine musical artists who performed at the 2008 INAFA Convention in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Please see our Recordings page at, under "Various Artists" for a list of all of the artists who contributed music to this CD. All of the artists donated their music to the CD project in order to raise funds for INAFA and in support of its mission and goals. The Clear Water Reflections CD may be purchased on INAFA's website: All proceeds directly benefit the International Native American Flute Association.

The NAMMY awards show will be held in Niagara Falls, New York, on October 3, 2009, at the Seneca Hotel and Casino. Public online voting is now open. Please visit the NAMMY website, listen to the nominees’ music, and vote in whatever way your heart desires. The artists involved in NAMA very much appreciate all of our votes!

Congrats to INAFA and all of the artists who contributed their music to this wonderful CD!

A warm Thank-You to Rona Yellow Robe (Chippewa/Cree) for the gift of her new CD, Voice of the Trees, to the Cascadia Flute Circle Lending Library. We hope to have Rona do a Concert for us in the Portland area soon! Thank-you, Rona! If you would like to purchase Rona Yellow Robe's CD, or contact her, please see her Link on our Links page at

Thanks once again to Clint Goss for his gift of the latest of his Native Flute Tracks:  Jam Tracks in F# Minor, play-along background tracks.  No Flute Player should be without them!  Thanks, Clint!

A big drum-roll "Thank-You" to Mark Holland and N. Scott Robinson for their awesome Concert on July 19, 2009 for the benefit of the Native Fellowship here in Portland! Also, many thanks for the gift of an autographed copy of their latest CD, "Wind & Fire" to the Cascadia Flute Circle CD Lending Library. You guys rock!
Many thanks to our own John Sarantos for his very generous donation of his CD, "Montana Crossings," by Night Dancers (John Sarantos & Gera Clark), and the CD, "Ancient Voices of the Smoky Mountains," by Randy McGillis, with Will Clipman. Thank-You, John, and Welcome!
A big "THANK-YOU" to Tom Stewart & Family, of Stellar Flutes, and Dennis Lombard, of Mountain Flutes, for their very generous donations of two Native American Flutes for the Silent Auction to be held at the Mark Holland/N. Scott Robinson Concert on Sunday, July 19, 2009. The proceeds will benefit the Native American Fellowship's Lighting Project. We very much appreciate your generosity and support fot this much-needed project!
Our gratitude to Gary Stroutsos for the gift of his newest CD, "Within You Without You: Journey Into Stillness," with William Hoshal, and special guest, David Lanz.

The title track is based on the George Harrison song of the same title, which was originally composed as a 30-minute raga. The song has been reinterpreted in this 16-minute instrumental version, where you will hear Brazilian Berimbau, Chinese Xiao, Sitar, Cello, and Nigerian Clay Udu Drums. Thanks, Gary!

Many thanks to Eric Ray for gifting his CD, "Dusk to Dawn" by his band, Gvwi, to the Cascadia Flute Circle Lending Library. We hope to see you more, Eric! Thank-you again!
Special thanks to Joe Young from Cascadia Flute Circle for the gift of his CD, "Pathways," to our Lending Library. Great show at the Magic Valley Flute Festival (6/09) by Joe and his band. Thanks, Joe!
A big "Thank-You" to Tim Blueflint (Chippewa/Comanche), of Shades of Rez Flutes, for his generous gift of his CD to our Lending Library, "Traditional Native Flute Music From Comanche Peak." Thank-you Tim!
Thank-you to Jenny Willison for her wonderful gift of music, "First Step." Jenny is a member of Joe Young's band, and a very talented musician! Thank-you Jenny!
Many thanks to our own Vance Pennington for his generous gift to our CD Lending Library of all 4 of his Native American Flute Tablature Books and CDs in his Play Along Series:  Amazing Grace, with Orchestral Strings Accompaniment; Amazing Grace with Piano and Strings Accompaniment; Auld Lang Syne, with Orchestral Strings Accompaniment; and Waking the Spirit of Christmas, with Orchestral Strings Accompaniment.  Thanks, Vance!  You rock!
We would like to thank Terry Mack for the generous donation of Wind Weaver's new CD, "Wild Threads," to the Cascadia Flute Circle Lending Library.  Thanks & congrats, Terry!
Many thanks to Robert Wind Pony for the generous donation of his new CD, "Wind Pony," to the Cascadia Flute Circle Lending Library.  Thanks, Robert!
INAFA Receives a Nomination!
INAFA's CD, Clear Water Reflections, has received its first nomination:  Nominated for the Best Flutist category in the North American Indigenous Image Awards!  Here is the organization's Web site address:

Congrats to everyone involved in this project!

This CD is available INAFA's website, (with free shipping!), and through CDBaby,  You can see the artists and track listings on our Announcements page, below, and you can listen to clips on CDBaby.
The Clear Water Reflections CD is also presently being featured/spotlighted on There are sound samples, information about the organization, and pictures from the July 2008 INAFA Convention.

The homepage that features INAFA is:

The spotlight page itself is:
A warm "Thank-You" to Carl Perry and Jeff Perry for the generous donation of their CDs, "Sounds From My Soul" and "Background Music for the Native American Flute," respectively, to Cascadia Flute Circle's Lending Library.  We have also added a link to Jeff Perry's "Background Music for the Native American Flute" to the CDs available on our "Background/Rhythm/Guitar CDs for the Native Flute for Purchase" page, the link for which can be found at the top of the Recordings page.  Thanks again, you two!  We're hoping that there are more background CDs for the Native American Flute in the works!
A Jim Gilliland Flute on the Move Again!

Some time ago, one of our Artisans, Jim Gilliland, made a flute for Astronaut John Herrington, which subsequently made the journey with him into Space.  In August of 2008, John Herrington began a 4,000 mile bike trip across the U.S., designed to encourage student participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Jim Gilliland made Herrington a high B flute which he will take on his bike trip.  You can track Herrington's progress on his bike trip by clicking here:

You can go to Jim Gilliland's website by visiting our Artisans page! 

Many grateful thanks to Clint Goss for his generous donation to Cascadia Flute Circle's CD Lending Library of his CDs:  "Spirit Grass," Clint Goss and Eric Miller, with David Darling, and Lynn Miller; the wonderful "Jam Tracks in A Minor:  Native Flute Tracks;" the newly-released "Jam Tracks in G Minor:  Native Flute Tracks;" and for the amazing 2-CD Set by W. A. Mathieu, reading from his books, "The Listening Book:  Discovering Your Own Music" and "The Musical Life:  What It Is and How to Live It," written by W. A. Matheiu and Produced by Glint Goss.  THANK-YOU Clint!  Please see the sublink "Audio Books for Purchase" on the "Music Books" page for ordering W. A. Mathieu's audio books; and the sublink, "Background/Rhythm/Guitar CDs for the Native Flute for Purchase" on our "Recordings" page, if you would like to order any of these items.  You can purchase Clint's CD, "Spirit Grass" from (please see our Links page), or from (please see our Links page).

Clear Water Reflections
Native American & World Flute Music

While its official street release is January 1, 2009, the INAFA fund raising CD, Clear Water Reflections, is NOW AVAILABLE!!! INAFA wishes to express its sincerest appreciation to the 2008 convention performing artists, engineer Ivar Lunde, Jr. of Skyline Studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and producer Peter Phippen for donating their time, effort, and wonderful music to this project. Their generosity is simply amazing! All proceeds generated from this CD will benefit the INAFA 100 percent.

Cost: $20 with free USA shipping!
Low International Shipping Rate Worldwide
Please send check or money order payable to:
INAFA, 3351 Mintonville Point Drive, Suffolk, VA 23435

Credit Card payments through PayPal

The playlist for the CD is as follows:
1. Summer's Morning - R. Carlos Nakai (Native American flute)
2. The Hanging Road - Mark Holland (Native American flute), Ranya Iqbal (cello), Aaron Burlbaw (guitar), and Ali Soltanshahi (percussion)
3. Gathering Nectar - Joseph FireCrow (Native American flute)
4. Convergence - Jan Seiden (Native American flutes) and Nanette G. Lunde (Continuo organ by Bennett and Giuttari)
5. Over the Bog Road - Skip Healy (Irish flute) and Mark Bachand (bodhrŠn)
6. Dust - Michael Graham Allen [Coyote Oldman] (Anasazi flute)
7. First Lightning - Kevin Locke (Native American flute), Doug Good Feather (vocals and drum), Gracie RedShirt Tyon (vocals), and Tom Wasinging (Native drum, bass, percussion, udu, marxophone)
8. Journey With the Spirits - Xavier Quijas Yxayotl (Mayan clay flutes, wind flute, and Tarahumara drum)
9. Crane Refrain - Frank Montano [Anakwad] (Native American flute)
10. Two Rivers Meet - Randy Granger (Native American flute and Hang drum)
11. Dancing Through Time - Ann Licater (Native American flute)
12. Air Brushed - Mark Holland (Native American flute), Peter Phippen (bansuri), and N. Scott Robinson (bodhrŠn)
13. Mojave - Michael Graham Allen [Coyote Oldman] (Mojave flute)
14. My Hawk Has Flown - Skip Healy (Irish flute)
15. Banish Misfortune Forever - Skip Healy (Irish flute) and Mark Bachand (bodhrŠn)
16. Raven Talk - R. Carlos Nakai (Native American flute)
17. For Ivar - Dr. Tim Lane (Chinese dizi)
18. Sacrifice - Peter Phippen (shakuhachi and Mayan clay flutes) and Jason Introwitz (Nigerian drum)
19. Loon Song - Frank Montano [Anakwad] (Native American flute)
20. Dance - Tiit Raid (Norwegian seljeflÝyte and Native American frame drum) and Jason Introwitz (conga and dumbek)

21. Underworld - Peter Phippen (Anasazi flute and Dead Whistle) and Sarah Maurer (vocals)
22. Of the Sands - Jonny Lipford (Native American flute)
23. New Horizons - Bobb Fantauzzo (Chinese xiao), Aaron Kerr (cello), and Jason Introwitz (drum kit)


Jan DeBoer has a new book, entitled "The Storyteller's Flute," together with his CD trilogy, "Flute Songs for a Blue Moon," "In the Spirit," and "Shadow Land Flute Songs."  The book is the story of John's Flute Journey, and contains the stories behind all of the music in the CD trilogy.  You can purchase the CDs separately or with the book at:

You can view the video, "Loons in the Moonlight," and read the story behind the video by John DeBoer on our "Articles" page,
Special thanks to Gary Stroutsos and William Hoshal for their amazing Concert at the Native American Fellowship, and also to Gary Stroutsos for his gift to Cascadia Flute Circle of his new DVD, "Living Temples," with David Lanz.  We love you guys!



We had our inaugural meeting of the Circle of Circles down at the Yosemite Flute Festival on Sunday, September 28, 2008, in Oakhurst, California.  We had a wonderful turnout!  The Circle of Circles is a grassroots movement to help keep Flute Circles alive and enriched, and is a group dedicated to supporting new and existing Flute Circles all over the world.  The mission of the Circle of Circles is to create a supportive network of Flute Circle Leaders, with an open line of communication with each other, which enables all Flute Circles to share information in order to grow and prosper.  We will use the collective knowledge of the group to help answer questions about creating and managing regional Flute Circles, and helping them to thrive and grow.
Are you just starting a new flute circle, or trying to figure out how to get one started?  Are you frustrated that your current Flute Circle has lost momentum and needs a jolt of fresh energy?  Are you struggling to find new ideas for your next Flute Circle event?  Have you seen turnover in your Flute Circle membership and need ideas to help jump-start the group?  Would you like to organize a concert or workshop and need help with logistics and planning?  These are just some of the many issues that will be addressed in the Circle of Circles forum.
There are two key ways you can interact with other Flute Circles within the Circle of Circles:
1.  Join the online Flute Portal (  If you are already a member, send a message to Geoffrey Ellis ( requesting admission to the "Circles of Circles" area (it's a private forum for Flute Circle Leaders).  If you are not a member, create a new membership and then send a message to Geoffrey Ellis requesting admission to the "Circle of Circles."  You can then post or respond to any message on the online forum.  This will be our virtual meeting area and a place where all Flute Circle Leaders can ask questions and share ideas and information.
2.  Attend a live event at an upcoming Flute Festival.  The Circle of Circles will schedule an informal meeting at every upcoming Flute Festival.  This will be an opportunity for those in attendance to meet and greet each other.  (For a listing of Annual Flute Events across the country, please see the link at the top of our Calendar page).
3.  Who can I contact for more information about the Circle of Circles?
     Mike Oitzman: (503) 432-2716
     Bill Timothy: (805Z) 927-3993
Even if you are not a Flute Circle Leader, the Flute Portal ( has many other resources and forums, including, music downloads, free flute circle web pages, articles, links, classifieds, auctions, raffles, etc.  Check it out!


Clint Goss has announced a new audio release:   The Listening Book and The Musical Life, by W. A. Mathieu.  Many of you have seen these books in our "Music Books" page, and also quotes from this material on our "Some of Our Favourite Quotes" page at the top of the "Articles" page.

The Listening Book was a landmark exploration of the world of sound and music when it was released in 1991, opening the ears and mind of tens of thousands of music students to a wider horizon of sound and listening.

Clint purchased the book and was captured by it's approach to music and listening. In 2004, he managed to get a copy of the audio cassette edition of The Listening Book from England and listened to it a dozen times. He was enriched by the words but a bit sad that this great material was not available to a wider audience.

The philosophy and exercises are so organic and in tune with the approach that many of us take with the NAF.

Last year the stars came into alignment. and Clint was able to get in touch with the author, who was able to locate the master tapes and purchase the rights to reissue The Listening Book (yes, he had to purchase his own material). He also recorded an additional segment reading from his second book, The Musical Life.

November 11th is the official release date for the 2-CD set of The Listening Book and The Musical Life. However, advance copies should be available for purchase within a week.

Clint has posted a dozen tracks from the set at the web site below, so please click and have a listen.

Clint has asked for any thoughts or feedback you may have!

... and if you are interested in purchasing this item for your own use,
Clint has provided a pre-release discount. If you purchase through the web site

and enter the promotional code "NAF6" you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase.

I encourage you all to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to hear this amazing material!  It will change the way you listen to and play music!

A very proud Thank-You to our own Vance Pennington for the gift of his new CD, Different Directions, to our Flute Circle Lending Library.  Congrats, Vance, and Thank-You!  You can pick up this recording at
Many thanks to Stephen DeRuby for the gift of his wonderful CD, "Passion Flute," to Cascadia Flute Circle's CD Lending Library, which is one of our favourite recordings!  Thanks, Stephen!
A very special thank-you to William Hoshal for his generous gift of his Nammy-nominated CD, "A Rumor of the Sun."  This CD also contains the 7th Annual Independent Music Awards-nominated Best Song in the New Age Category, "One Sky."  Congratulations on your nominations, William, and thank you for your support!
Many thanks from the members of Cascadia Flute Circle to Robert Wind Pony for his generous donation of his latest CD, "Wings of Change" to our CD Lending Library.  Thanks, Robert!
Cascadia Flute Circle would like to thank Gary Stroutsos for his wonderful gift of his latest CD, "Heart of the Bitterroot:  Voices of Salish & Pend d'Oreille Women.

Available for a limited time only from Photographer Sue Reynolds.

Proud People ~ Nations within a Nation:  NEW AND COLLECTABLE! Over 50 full-color images by documentary photographer Sue Reynolds with native contributing writers unveil the beauty and power of contemporary powwows.

Revealing Nature’s Mysteries: SPECIAL RE-RELEASE! Over 40 full-color images in this special re-release edition from Sue Reynolds’ landscape collection convey the mystery and beauty of the wild lands of Mt. Diablo, Death Valley and the West.

Due to Sue's Summer Powwow and Native American projects travel, there will be a delay in shipping book orders placed between June 1st and August 5th, 2008.


“Proud People”       $72 plus tax & shipping/handling $11 and up “Revealing Nature’s Mysteries”  $65 plus tax & shipping/handling $10 and up

To order, send payment to:
Susan Reynolds Photography
25 Grover Ct.,
Walnut Creek, CA  94596


The newly released CD entitled Heart of the Bitterroot: Voices of Salish & Pend d’Oreille Women is a truly unique work. The CD contains never before told stories of remarkable Salish and Pend d’Oreille women, combined with some of the finest music from acclaimed musicians Gary Stroutsos, David Lanz, and Swil Kanim.

We have copies for sale, please see Stephanie

Cascadia Flute Circle would like to thank Janice "Sunflower" Trytten, for the generous gift of her CDs, "Warm Shelter" and "Welcome Silence."  Thank-you, Janice!
Many thanks to Vince Chafin for donating his CDs, Canyon Lands, Who Has Seen the Wind, and Sacred Space to our Flute Circle Lending Library.  Thanks, Vince!
A very special "Thank-You" to Dennis Lombard, of Mountain Flutes, for his donation to Cascadia Flute Circle of a beautiful F# flute, with a Feather fetish, and a Feather wood-burning design.  Thank-you Dennis!
A special Thank-You to Painted Raven for the generous donation of their CD entitled, "Spirit Journey" to Cascadia Flute Circle's CD Lending Library.
A very special thank-you to Peter Phippen for his very generous gift to Cascadia Flute Circle's CD Lending Library of four of his CDs:  Shadows of Dawn, Echoes of the Past, Night Song, and Book of Dreams.  Thanks, Peter!
Special Thanks to Gary Stroutsos for his gift of the "Living Temples" CD (with David Lanz), "The Makoche Masters" 2-CD/CD-ROM, and the "Echoes of Canyon de Chelly" CD (with Paul Thompson), for our Lending Library.  Thanks, Gary!
Congratulations to Jeff Ball for his 2007 Indian Summer Music Award (ISMA) for "Best Flute."  Jeff's ISMA-winning CD is entitled "The Shape of Light," and features Jeff Ball, Arvel Bird, Peter Phippen, Dawn Avery and Ron Warren.  You can see photos of Jeff Ball and Ron Warren performing life at Flute Quest-2007, Bothell, WA, on the Gallery 2007 page at
Our special thank-you to Grand Canyon Flutes ( for their gift of Robert Wind Pony's new CD, Moon Rider.
New release!  Check out the new CD by David Lanz and Gary Stroutsos, entitled "Living Temples."

New Children’s Book Enchants Lovers of Oregon Coast   The magic of Haystack Rock, the Oregon Coast's most famous landmark, is the subject of a new book Frederick and the Flute Maker. but popular with all ages, the book tells the story of Royle, a flute maker, and the "little people" of Haystack Rock.  When Royle meets a boy named Frederick, the encounter changes both their lives.

The fable Frederick and the Flute Maker is designed for children of second-grade through middle school.  Its magical story is intertwined with the pre-history of the Oregon Coast and, in particular, the history of Cannon Beach, home to Haystack Rock. It has an underlying message adults can appreciate about reverence for the natural wonder of the Oregon Coast.  The beautifully hardbound picture book comes with an audio book, and benefits the Haystack Rock Awareness Program, which receives $1 from each sale.

Frederick and the Flute Maker author Tricia Gates Brown is a poet, writer, and playwright who works part-time as Program Director of the Cannon Beach History Center.  The book is wonderfully illustrated by Sally Lackaff, who spent her childhood in Cannon Beach and who now works as an artist in Astoria, Oregon.  She is known for murals and illustrations visible around the north coast. Original music for the audio-book was composed and recorded by Gary Stroutsos of Seattle, Washington, with the help of Gary Lanz.  Stroutsos' admiration for the Oregon Coast inspired his most popular CD, "Pacific Moon," which was born at Falcon Cove.

Frederick and the Flute Maker  is available in shops around the Oregon Coast, and in Portland, Seattle, and other inland towns. Please see our "Flute Tablature Books for Purchase" section on our Books page at for ordering information.

The Spirit of Sacajawea

  The Spirit of Sacajawea is a new independent film by Naka Productions.The only woman and the only Indian to travel with the Lewis and Clark expedition, Sacajawea is one of the most revered women in American history, yet her story has been romanticized and, often, misinterpreted by non-natives.  The Spirit of Sacajawea examines the many controversies of her life, how her tribes were impacted, and how they are surviving today.  This is the story of Sacajawea from a Native woman's perspective.  The film is narrated by Tantoo Cardinal, with the original musical score by Mary Youngblood and Jim Brock.  Mary Youngblood was nominated for an EMMY for her work on this project, which is beautifully done. 

You can order this DVD from for $25.00, plus $5.00 shipping & handling.

A very special thank-you to Roger McGee for gifting a copy of his wonderful CD, "The Storyteller" to Cascadia Flute Circle's lending library.  Thank you, Roger!
Our special thanks to Bobb Fantauzzo for donating a copy of his CD, Sirocco - Winds of Passion to the Cascadia Flute Circle Music Lending Library.  Thanks, Bobb!
Congratulations to Mary Youngblood on her second Grammy win for her new CD, "Dance With the Wind."  You go girl!  We were graced with Mary's music at two events in November of 2006.  Please see the Gallery page for pictures of Mary's appearance at the Circle of Hope/A Gathering of Flutes and the wonderful concert hosted by Cascadia Flute Circle and Wilshire United Methodist Church & Native American Fellowship, held in Portland, OR.
Sending our thanks and beautiful flute music to Scott Thingelstad for our wonderful new Website!  Thanks, Scott!

Show off your Flute Circle!

  The Cascadia Flute Circle logo patches are in and they are beautiful!  These can be sewn on clothing, flute bags, flute cases, etc.  Just about anywhere!  Please support our Flute Circle by purchasing one or more patches for $10.00 each.

  We also have vinyl Cascadia Flute Circle logo stickers.  These go on the outside of your car window, a bumper, vinyl flute cases, etc.  Please support our Flute Circle by purchasing one or more stickers for $5.00 each.





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