One of the most wonderful things about a Flute Circle is coming together as a Community of Flute Enthusiasts and sharing a meal together.  By popular demand, the following are some of the many recipes contributed to Cascadia Flute Circle Potlucks by its members and friends.  We try to stay away from chips and dips, as they tend to get in the Flutes!  Instead, we enjoy tasty, healthy, and affordable recipes utilizing a minimum of pre-processed ingredients.  Many of the recipes are gluten-free, dairy free, and/or sugar free.  All of them can be adapted for as many or as few people as desired.  Feel free to substitute ingredients according to your needs.  You can also build a Flute Circle Potluck around any particular theme, which we do at Yule with our Fry Bread Tacos.

We have also included a number of Native American recipes found throughout the Americas.  Native American food was limited to the crops they were able to cultivate and the animals they were able to hunt.  The cuisine varies widely throughout the Americas:  We have included some cultivated crop recipes such as Corn Bread and Three Sisters Stew in the United States, and dishes like Tacos (shaping Mexican cuisine) in Mesoamerica.  We hope you enjoy our selection.

Be sure to have a fresh batch of Iced Tea and/or Lemonade available, or try one of the Beverage recipes below.  Coffee is always available upon request.  Many thanks to all of the Cascadia Flute Circle members who have contributed recipes; Mary Youngblood; The Wilshire United Methodist Church & Native American Fellowship; the Chefs at Camp Burton on Vashon Island, WA; the Chefs of the Carnival Cruise Line; and the Twin Diamond Flute Circle.  If you have a great recipe for a Flute Circle you'd like to contribute, please contact Stephanie at (503) 846-1755 or

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