Recordings with
Native American themes

Background/Rhythm/Guitar CDs for the Native Flute for Purchase

Here is a listing of CDs which we have available for checkout to members of Cascadia Flute Circle. If you would like to gift a CD to Cascadia Flute Circle, all donations will be gratefully accepted and listed on our Recordings page.  Please contact Stephanie at



Title of CD

Angel Bath, Janina
Gypsy Woman (CD)
Ball, Jeff 
Prairie Runner
Cedar Moon
Begaye, Jay & White, Everitt The Long Walk
Bear, John                     
Pure Passion (CD)
Blueflint, Tim Traditional Native Flute Music From Comanche Peak (CD)
Borg, Odell
(High Spirits Flutes)
"How to Play" Native American Flute [w/Instruction Book] (DVD)
Native American Flute Intermediate Instruction [w/Instruction Book] (DVD)
Native Spirit Song Book [w/CD for F#, G & A Native Flute] (Spiral)
Native Spirit Song Book:  Volume Two [w/CD for F#, G & A Native Flute] (Spiral)
Folk Spirit Song Book [w/CD for F#, G & A Native Flute] (Spiral)
Christmas Spirit Song Book [w/CD for F#, G & A Native Flute] (Spiral)
Burning Sky Spirits in the Wind
Chafin, Vince                  
Who Has Seen the Wind
Canyon Lands
Sacred Space
Cody, Robert Tree White Buffalo
Cody, Robert Tree & Clipman, Will Heart of the Wind
Coyote Oldman Floating on Evening
Tear of the Moon
Thunder Chord
In Medicine River
Crawford, Tim "Windwalker" Voices
DeRuby, Stephen              Passion Flute
Douglas Spotted Eagle
Closer to Far Away
Drury, Ed Feather on the Beach
6/24/06 Didgeridu Workshop
Elements The Majestic National Parks (2 disc Set, CD + DVD)
Elysium Calling
Shapeshifter [Autographed] (CD)
Imagination (CD)
Evans, Bethel Sage
Reflections: Embracing Stillness (CD)
Evenson, Dean Cha-das-Ska-Dum Native Healing
Fantauzzo, Bobb      Sirocco - Winds of Passion
Fawcett, Morgan                        

Tears of our Fathers (CD)
Legacy (CD)                                              
Goss, Clint                              

Jam Tracks in A Minor:  Native Flute Tracks (CD)
Jam Tracks in G Minor:  Native Flute Tracks (CD)
Jam Tracks in F# Minor:  Native Flute Tracks (CD)
Goss, Clint & Miller, Eric           
[with Darling, David & Miller, Lynn)
Spirit Grass (CD)
Gvwi (Eric Ray) Dusk to Dawn (CD)
Valley of Thunder (CD)
Holland, Mark & Robinson, N. Scott Wind & Fire [Autographed] (CD)
Hoshal, William                A Rumor of the Sun
Huling, John Ancestral Waters
Kelliher, Peter                                             Wooden Flute Journey (CD)
Kinderknecht, Cornell Nightfall (CD)
Returning Home (CD)
Kiriel A Tribute to GK: Awakening (CD)
Big Earth Sky (CD)
In Your Dreams (CD)
Lanz, David [w/ Stroutsos, Gary and  Knechtel, Larry]
Liverpool: Re-imagining the Beatles (CD)
Lanz, David (w/Stroutsos,      
Gary & Gray, Walter)
The Liverpool Trio (CD)
La Rosa, Tito (w/Youngblood, Mary) The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor
Littleleaf, Charles Ancient Reflections
Locke, Kevin  (Tokeya Inajin)
Love Songs of the Lakota
Midnight Strong Heart
Keepers of the Dream
Mathieu, W. A.                         
The Listening Book:  Discovering Your Own Music The Musical Life:  Reflections on What It Is and How to Live It (2 CD)
McGee, Roger          The Storyteller
Echoes of Joseph Canyon
McGinnis, Randy (w/Clipman, Will)          Ancient Voices of the Smoky Mountains (CD)
McMahan, Stephen A Time Before Nations - Siyotanka Wicasa
Montes, Jr., Ralph           
First Day of Spring (CD)
Mortensen, Pamela               
Tree Speak (CD)
Dogum:  Didgeridoo Solos (CD)
Nakai, R. Carlos Fourth World
Nakai, R. Carlos & Horn, Paul Inside Canyon de Chelly
Nakai, R. Carlos & Dabney, Amo Chip Edge of the Century
Natividad, Anthony               
Ahuppua'a:  Hawaiian Nose Flute (CD)
Night Dancers (John Sarantos & Gera Clark) Montana Crossings (CD)
Nighteagle, Peter                                        
Pure Nighteagle:  A Collection of Pure Nighteagle Songs (CD)
Last Buffalo (CD)
Oberdieck, Pat                                           
Piano Accompaniment for Native Flute (CD)
Ozan, Everen As Things Could Be
Painted Raven                     Spirit Journey
Payne, R. W. The Native American Plains Flute
Pennington, Vance Different Directions
Waking the Spirit of Christmas
Backing Tracks:  Orchestral Strings Accompaniment For Pentatonic Flutes E, F, F# & G [Play Along Series Book w/CD]
Amazing Grace
Backing Tracks:  Piano with Strings Accompaniment For all Pentatonic Flutes [Play Along Series Book w/CD]
Amazing Grace
Backing Tracks:  Orchestral Strings Accompaniment For All Pentatonic Flutes [Play Along Series Book w/CD] 
Auld Lang Syne
Backing Tracks:  Orchestral Strings Accompaniment For All Pentatonic Flutes [Play Along Series Book w/CD]
Perry, Carl                        Sounds From My Soul (CD)
We Remember (CD)
Perry, Jeff                                Background Music for the Native American Flute [A, G, F#, E, D] (CD)
Background Music for the Native American Flute Volume #2 (2010) (CD)
Phippen, Peter             
Book of Dreams
Shadows of Dawn
Echoes of the Past
Night Song
Purtill, Mark                               

Ancestor Dreams:  Music for Anasazi & Native American Flutes (CD)
QuailSpirit (Mark Church)            
Native American Flute Background Tracks:  Traditional and Natural Background Tracks (CD)
Rainer, Jr., John
Songs of the Indian Flute - Volume One
Songs of the Indian Flute - Volume Two
Reibach, Jan Michael "Looking Wolf" One Heart One Spirit
(Kevin Donoho & Emiliano Campobello)
Rockapelli (CD)
Rivaldo, Don How to Make A Native American Style Flute (CD-ROM)
Sawyer, Tony Crafting the Native American Style Flute (CD-ROM)
Searching Bear, Michael Voice From Within
Shenandoah, Joanne
Peace & Power
Stokes, Thomas                                        
Spirit's Destiny:  A Native American Flute Journey (CD)
Stroutsos, Gary
Pacific Moon
People of the River
Winds of Honor
Oru:  The Natural Order (CD)
Stroutsos, Gary (w/Lanz, David) Spirit Romance
Living Temples
Stroutsos, Gary                    
(w/Revelli, David)
Shadows of Time (CD)
Stroutsos, Gary                    
(w/Revelli, David &
Richardson, Roger C.)
Inside Tutka Bay (CD)
Stroutsos, Gary (w/Thompson, Paul) Echoes of Canyon de Chelly
Tavewa, Nash                       
Yooneza:  Zapotec Music [Clay Flute, Tlapitzalli and Drum] (CD)
Thunderwolf, Mark               

Totem. . . The Winged Ones (CD)
Spirit Call (CD)
Thru the Eyes. . . Of My Brother (CD)
Terry, Travis                   

Canyon Shadows (CD)
Echoes of the Canyon Wall (CD)
Trytten, Janice "Sunflower"
Welcome Silence
Warm Shelter
Two Eagles, John                                      
Between Two Worlds (CD)
Various Artists Enter Tribal
Tribal Winds:  Music From Native American Flutes
Voices Across the Canyon - Volume One
Various Artists  (w/Stroutsos, Gary) Under One Sky
The Makoche Masters (2-CD/CD-ROM)
Various Artists:
R. Carlos Nakai;
Michael Graham Allen (Coyote Oldman);
Mark Holland/Autumn's Child;
Joseph Fire Crow;
Jan Seiden & Nanette G. Lunde;
Skip Healy &Mark Bachand; Kevin Locke;
Xavier Quijas Yxayotl;
Frank Montano (Anakwad);
Randy Granger;
Ann Licater; Peter Phippen;
N. Scott Robinson;Dr. Tim Lane;
Jason Introwitz; Tiit Raid;
Sarah Maurer;
Johnny Lipford; Bobb Fantauzzo; & Aaron Kerr
Clear Water Reflections:  Native American & World Flute Music [INAFA] (CD)
Vasquez, Andrew
An American Indian
Che oke'ten (Paul Wagner)     
Journey of the Spirit (CD)
Warren, Ron Heartbeats of the Forest World
Wind Pony, Robert
Moon Rider
Wings of Change
Wind Pony (CD)
Wind Weaver 
(Terry Mack & Paul Bezooyen)
Wild Threads (CD)
Yellow Robe, Rona
Voice of the Trees (CD)
Young, Joe
Pathways (CD)
Face the Wind: The Poetry of Air Edition-Limited (CD)
Youngblood, Mary
Heart of the World
The Offering



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